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Jul 17, 2014 08:30 AM

Jacques Pepin and Daily Meal

Mssr. Pepin is a fine cook, one of the very finest and I admit to hero worship. He issued an apology of sorts this morning on his FB page. I missed the Daily Meal article at issue, but I'm sure he had no intent to offend.

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  1. Pepin has nothing for which to apologize, IMO. Ramsay, OTOH, has himself (and Alton Brown, and all the the other screaming panderers) to live with...

    1. The Daily Meal article:

      While I agree with JP, he misses the point that many people finding themselves getting the Ramsey or Irvine treatment are not professionals. They are in large part people who fell into the restaurant biz and had gave little thought about diving headfirst into running any business. They just thought it'd be fun, or cool, or easy - because other people would "do the work." Once I saw the pattern I stopped watching. Well, except for the Amy's Baking Company episode, because hey, I'm not made of stone.