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Jul 17, 2014 08:17 AM

Danbury down-scale dining

Would love tips on places for low-key breakfast/lunch/dinner in Danbury.

I was tooling around yesterday and came upon the New Holiday Diner--had a fine BLT w/ good slaw & a great pickle--and they threw in a free cup of soup, white bean, pretty good (and thankfully under-salted--so rare in this day/age--so I could add just enough!). Service, excellent. Prices very reasonable. My only diner wish: tapioca pudding (they had only rice)!

And earlier in the week, we stopped at the Royal Guard Fish and Chips and had some excellent biryani (they do veg, chicken, or mutton)--so well seasoned (even if my husband didn't love the fact that the chicken and mutton come w/ bones; and the mutton was chewy [I think mutton just IS chewy]). A definite find.

So those are my two recent recommendations!

That said, when I look on this Board, the only recent ('13-'14) Danbury posts I see are for specific restaurants, nothing more general.

I know Jim Leff has some old posts on the many wonderful holes-in-the-wall there were (presumably still are) in this town.

But just driving around, I had no idea which of the burgeoning number of tacquerias are good, where to get the best Brazlian fare, etc.

Suggestions, critical notes, raves, please!

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  1. Stanziato's at 35 Lake Ave Extension in Danbury for wood-fired pizza made with extreme care and thought. The best I've had outside of NYC.

    Rraci's, 3670 Danbury Road (Rt 6) Brewster. Just get on Rt. 6 near Trader Joes's, it's down a mile or two on the right. It's not a hole in the wall, but we like to sit at the bar, it has the best jovial barkeep named Dave, and enjoy a casual meal. Fresh made pastas, and a recent blueberry souffle that was to die for.

    1. Pancho's Tacos, Mysore (Indian buffet on weekends), Sandy Hook Diner, Pho Vietnam, Edo II (the Korean menu/the Japanese and sushi are just ok), Clamps (roadside burger stand up in New Milford) and Il Bacio (fantastic handmade ice cream) are among my favorite places that I would consider "low-key" and delicious.