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Jul 17, 2014 07:37 AM

Would you eat at an AC casino that announced it is closing?

Restaurants usually shutter without warning. Workers show up and find out that they are out of a job. But Atlantic City casinos must give 60 days notice to employees per union regulations. Hence the recent announcements of several closings in September. I'm heading down this week, and I figure it's better that I eat at places where employees haven't been told they are out of a job in a few weeks. Any opinions on this?

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    1. Why bother eating at a casino (unless you're a high-roller and get comped meals), when Atlantic City has many fine, independent restaurants, including this:

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        And I heard about that place...all very good reports...

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          Had some great Vietnamese at a different joint in AC yesterday. There seems to be a lot of good ones there.

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            Yeah, but Amada (at Revel) is worth the drive...!

          2. I've had mixed opinions and experience with casino restaurants. The "big name" places, that are off-shoot locations of a well known, famous, and often excellent restaurant -- in my opinion, unless they have very active, hands on management, and there is a strong presence -- it's usually not anywhere near as good as the original. I am sure there are exceptions of course.

            That said, I've also been in excellent casino restaurants -- their high-end place -- as they cater to high-rollers, excellent clients of the casino, etc.

            As far as your question -- personally, I would stay away. There is no vested interest in making your experience an excellent one. During a BK, pre-closing, steps have already been taken than can and will have an impact.

            In addition -- there are excellent non-casino restaurants in AC...I recommend the Knife & Fork Inn and Chef Vola. Have a nice trip.

            1. Too many good choices in AC to eat at casinos.

              1. i AGREE with the no-go posters, other good alternativesin A/C...........