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Would you eat at an AC casino that announced it is closing?

Restaurants usually shutter without warning. Workers show up and find out that they are out of a job. But Atlantic City casinos must give 60 days notice to employees per union regulations. Hence the recent announcements of several closings in September. I'm heading down this week, and I figure it's better that I eat at places where employees haven't been told they are out of a job in a few weeks. Any opinions on this?

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    1. Why bother eating at a casino (unless you're a high-roller and get comped meals), when Atlantic City has many fine, independent restaurants, including this:


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        And I heard about that place...all very good reports...

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          Had some great Vietnamese at a different joint in AC yesterday. There seems to be a lot of good ones there.


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            Yeah, but Amada (at Revel) is worth the drive...!

          2. I've had mixed opinions and experience with casino restaurants. The "big name" places, that are off-shoot locations of a well known, famous, and often excellent restaurant -- in my opinion, unless they have very active, hands on management, and there is a strong presence -- it's usually not anywhere near as good as the original. I am sure there are exceptions of course.

            That said, I've also been in excellent casino restaurants -- their high-end place -- as they cater to high-rollers, excellent clients of the casino, etc.

            As far as your question -- personally, I would stay away. There is no vested interest in making your experience an excellent one. During a BK, pre-closing, steps have already been taken than can and will have an impact.

            In addition -- there are excellent non-casino restaurants in AC...I recommend the Knife & Fork Inn and Chef Vola. Have a nice trip.

            1. Too many good choices in AC to eat at casinos.

              1. i AGREE with the no-go posters, other good alternativesin A/C...........

                1. I'm sort of in the same situation. We purchased a Groupon for a stay at Revel for our anniversary in October. We were probably going to go to Azure by Alain Allegretti because we've heard good things (we're from Philadelphia, so we can get Amada/Garces any time).

                  We can cancel for a full refund at almost any time, so we're debating what to do. Like you said, even if the casino/hotel is still open, what will the level of service be if it is slated to close by then?

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                    Revel will likely be closed by then. It is hemorrhaging cash.

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                      Scheduled to close, right? August? September? I forgot what I read.

                      There seems to be an over-saturation to some extent. With regard to Revel, it's simple, they are just not making -- enough -- money to be profitable, support debt service, etc. Poor economics.

                      Trump Plaza is closing, and while allegedly making money, the Showboat is closing as well -- all on the heels of the Atlantic Club closing. There are plans to re-open the Atlantic Club as a non-casino hotel.

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                        If Revel can't find a buyer they will close. There was some speculation that Caesars is closing Showboat so they can buy Revel. The state won't allow them to have more than four properties in town.

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                          Interesting...might be a good opportunity...acquire a brand new, modern, state of the art facility -- at a discount, perhaps the "right price" so to speak.

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                            Correct that is the same rumor I have heard as well.

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                              Steve Wynn was down there 2 weeks ago and supposedly Hard Rock and Harrah's group are the 2 high bidders