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Jul 17, 2014 06:31 AM

Viewing a Hound's profile on mobile?

Recently wanted to give advice about where-to-buy-X to another Hound, but paused... Where Is this Hound?
My name certainly indicates geographic limitations (which aren't as true anymore unless I want Uygher street food), but I wanted to look at the person's profile info.


I can't find it.
Where do I look?

Kris now in DC/NoVA

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  1. Good point. I hadn't noticed that, but yeah... all the stuff they filled out is nowhere to be seen. It'd be nice if there was another expandable section with that info.

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    1. re: MplsM ary

      There's a guy who wants to make biscuits and gravy and is hunting ingredients… luckily he just asked about restaurants in his area of Hawai'i in another thread, but I still had to read a bunch of his posts instead of just his Profile.
      Of course, lotsa folks don't even bother with filling theirs…
      Kris now in DC/NoVA

    2. Hi Kris.

      All of that profile info lives in the right sidebar on desktop. On mobile, we don't display the right sidebar, which means unfortunately that user bio info is not available on mobile (for the rest of the site, the right sidebar contains ads and related content). Profile pages are on our list of things to improve though.

      Thanks for the feedback.