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Jul 17, 2014 05:56 AM

kitchen hood recommendations

I am purchasing an American cooktop with grill that has 25k burners. I am looking at low priced s/s wall hoods and found this Golden Vantage Stainless Sensor Gv B02 90 for under $300 bucks. It only has a few good reviews. Am I getting what I pay for. or is this a good deal. thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't see any specs on how much air it's pulling. What ever you get, you will want at least 600 CFM.

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      I think it said 760 cfm, thanks,

    2. I've seen it described as 760 CFM.

      1. I've seen it descrived as 760 CFM.

        1. With 25K burners you will need to move serious air. When we remolded the most expensive appliance in our kitchen was our hood. Ours is a SS Vent-a-Hood, it was about 10x what you are talking about spending. My guess is you get what you pay for. The Vent-a-Hood is expensive but it runs quiet and pulls out gasses, steam, grease, oders, and small children (no just kidding).

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              Yes, this is a two-blower unit. The second blower can either be turned on manually or if the heat exceeds a certian level (say you have multiple hobs on) it kicks in automatically. It's 42 inch unit over a 36 inch 6 hob gas range top.

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              wow, thanks. I am a vegetarian chef. so will do some grilling and wok stir fry. how much did you pay and where did you purchase? thanks,

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                Vent-a-Hood is made in TX but is widely distributed. The unit I bought is all stainless with two blowers. It was close to $3,000 purchased from Metro Appliance. You can see what it looks like in the picture attached. The unit has 3 halogen lights with two levels of brightness, it also has an automatic sensor to turn on the second blower. It runs very quiet, and that was a requirement.

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                  beautiful range, what make is it.

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                    Thank you, the range is Electrolux Icon. 6 hobs, two duel ring. It's 36" wide, that's why we have the 42" hood.

            3. When we installed a new hood recently, we found reviews on Golden Vantage were mixed, but were considering it. In the end, we chose a hood from Xtremeair. This brand had generally better reviews, although there weren't many. Made in China, but inspected and repackaged in California. Customer service has been excellent.

              I don't know if they've got any with 2 blowers. Ours is 30" with a squirrel cage fan. We paid about $500 on Amazon.