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Jul 17, 2014 05:48 AM

Byblos or other brunch place in the area

Hi all,

It's been many years (7?) since I had breakfast at Byblos. Loved it when I was there. I'll be returning to the Laurier/Papineau area and I'm looking for a Saturday breakfast/brunch option. Is Byblos still good? Importantly, is it baby (10 mos.) friendly? Any better recommendations? I prefer casual (under $15 for the main) and, as I said, it has to tolerate a very inquisitive baby. Thanks!!

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  1. Byblos is still very good and very kid friendly. It gets packed early though I would suggest you show up close to the opening at 9am. Breakfats for 2 is about 20$

    1. Byblos is the most baby friendly place in Mtl. I saw the hostess (owner?) kiss a baby this morning. And they have toys there too. Buy really, the most amazing thing is the food. Especially the Salade Olivier, imho.