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What to do with pandan leaves?

I bought some frozen pandan leaves, does anyone have ideas? Or recipes?

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  1. I use them in coconut milk dishes like coconut rice, coconut ice cream and curries. I also like to keep some coconut milk flavored with pandan leaves in the fridge for using in drinks (cocktails and iced teas). I like a black tea, chai spices with pandan coconut milk over ice! So good.

    I have been wanting to make a pandan cake, but haven't yet.

    1. I had nasi lemak recently with delicious coconut pandan rice. Yum!

      1. I love these - a malaysian friend gave me a method for chicken thighs. Something like this:

        Cut up thigh meat into small chunks, like M&M size.

        Toss in a bowl with coconut cream, a bit of sugar, a good dose of ginger, garlic, fish sauce, and lemon juice. Choose the ingredients. Next, time, I'm going to use a bit of Mae Ploy yellow curry paste, which has a lot of lemongrass and turmeric.

        Take spoonfuls of the chicken mixture and wrap pandan leaves around it and tie with kitchen string. Each bundle should be smaller than a small chicken egg. We cooked the bundles over charcoal, but my friend said that they are also good fried or baked. So tasty.....

        Update: I just procured a CALAMANSI fish sauce that it recommended to use in place of the lemon and fish sauce. Heck, maybe I'll make these this weekend now!

        1. Add them to rice while cooking to give it a nice flavor and smell. I do pandan, garlic and ginger, or coconut milk and pandan, depending on what I'm making. You can also add them to sambals while cooking for flavor.

          Tip: when using, tie the piece of pandan into a loose knot -- it takes up less room, and the knot helps release more of the flavor and scent.

          1. I've been wanting to make the Pandan Chiffon Cake:

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                Basically that's what I want to do south east asian desserts or riffs on them. I think I need to buy some palm sugar and coconut milk for that though.

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                  Don't give up on Pandan for wonderful savory dishes!

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                    Yeah but I like it in desserts.

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                      OK, they are great in desserts, a wonderful flavor. I did not know from your original post that the quest was only for desserts - sorry!

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                    Many Thai Desserts require Palm Sugar, but light brown Sugar makes a good substitute.
                    Most Vietnamese Desserts use white Sugar. I have been making Chè Bắp AKA Chè Ngô since Corn is great right now.
                    You will definitely need Coconut Milk.

                2. Make a pandan and lemongrass iced tea.

                  We had this at Bolan in Bangkok and it was probably our favourite and most memorable dish we had there (if you can call it a dish).

                  It's quite easy - simmer pandan and lemongrass in water, and add sugar to sweeten (taste until you like the sweetness, it should just be slightly sweet). Strain out the pandan and lemongrass. Cool the liquid in the fridge. Drink.