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Jul 17, 2014 03:50 AM

Anyone been to Ceraldi

Wondering how the change to Wellfleet has gone in terms of both atmosphere and food. Considering for major anniversary in September.

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  1. Atmosphere is still funky and rough and ready, but in a good way, in the space last occupied by Sol. It's breezy and beachy, with a great view of the harbor. Michael now has a staff working with him in the kitchen, and he does some preparation and plating in the bar area. We thought the setting was enjoyable and appropriate for Outer Cape farm to table.

    Oh yeah, the food is as ever, really outstanding. Simple, fresh, expertly prepared with real feeling and intense, rewarding flavors. Michael is not Marc Vetri, but he's not far off from that supreme level of appreciation for the Italian way of great local food.

    He made a substitution for one course to accommodate my food allergy, and his substitution just blew me away, a perfect presentation of tuna two ways. Great food, nice people, unpretentious Cape harbor setting, nicely paced courses, it's very high on my all-time favorites list regardless of locations.

    There was one demanding, high-maintenance couple at our most recent seating, they probably didn't enjoy the experience, and complained about the restrooms shared with the theater space in the funky old building. Everyone else seemed as satisfied with the food and wine as we were, and realized that this is not the Hamptons or Back Bay, and don't rely on our personal assistants for booking reservations. I would love to celebrate an anniversary here, but to each his own expectations, I suppose.

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      Thank you so much, it sounds fabulous. Is it still communal seating?
      I am very much looking forward to this !

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        There are two seatings, 5:30pm finishes in time for most of the events at the adjacent theater space, and 8:00pm. There are individual tables around the perimeter of the space, mostly for two or four diners, or you can sit at the bar and watch the plating and converse with the staff. Wine is available by the glass if you do not choose the optional wine flight, and they can make a few simple cocktails, I believe.

    2. Thanks for this info, I am planning on going there for a birthday celebration in September!

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        Just to report back, we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Ceraldi's this weekend. It is a special experience. We were at the 8pm seating and unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures because it was too dark. It was very breezy in the restaurant as well with fans going and windows open, so take a scarf or jacket.

        Highlights from the meal were a Wellfleet oyster with sea bean mignonette. The sea beans were the perfect salty addition to the positively creamy oyster. Gnocchi with wild mushrooms and parsley pesto was divine. The potato gnocchi absolutely melted in your mouth the second it left the fork. I have tasted much heavier versions while traveling in Italy. My husband loved a crostino with housemade stracciatella and tuna "bacon". I thought the smoky flavor of the applewood smoked tuna took over the dish but he could have eaten 10 of them, he said. A lowlight was the arancino, it was just OK. A surprise highlight was the chocolate mousse at the end of the meal - I expected it to be boring but the Chequesset chocolate used made it sublime, like a mousse version of the best drinking chocolate you've ever had.

        I would definitely recommend the wine pairing. Not every pairing was perfect but they were all good to try and it's a great way to taste some wines you wouldn't otherwise run into.

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          We are going there Friday night of Oyster Fest Weekend. Can't wait.

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            Thanks. We are going in a week, early saying as my wife wants the view.
            Is there wine available individually ; we barely drink and so not worth buying the whole pairing.

            1. re: magiesmom

              yes, there is wine by the glass, and quite a nice selection. You can choose a single glass of anything that is open for the pairings, as well as some other wines.

              We went this past week, and I'm going add to those singing its praises. We had an absolutely wonderful meal. We sat at the bar, so we could watch the chef plating some of the courses, and chat with the servers, which was a pleasant experience. They were quite knowledgeable about the wines so it was fun to discuss them. The meal couldn't be beat in a Boston restaurant.

              We also had a single oyster to start, only this time it was a beach rose mignonette. I don't care for oysters that much, but the wellfleets are meaty and briny and very, very good. Swuash soup was well above any other rendition I've had. It was made with a gigantic squash with an italian name that I've forgotten, but its much like a super huge butternut squash. There was a whipped ricotta with heirloom tomato salad that was pretty -- the tomatoes were all different colors and cubed and served on a little cloud of ricotta -- and incredibly tasty. A porcini risotto arancini with leek puree was a tasty bit. My absolute favorite was a beet ravioli with great hill blue cheese, and nuts, it was divine. There was a poached halibut on creamed corn puree. And finally a sweet potato panna cotta topped with a bit of salted caramel.

              It was a fabulous meal, served in a very nice atmosphere with top notch service. I'm so glad I read about it here. It was perfect for our 25th Anniversary dinner. I can't wait to go back next year.

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                Even though we got the pairing I looked at the full wine list - the whole list (though small, but well edited) is available by the glass. The prices were very reasonable.

                1. re: Bugsey34

                  Thanks. I can hardly wait until Wednesday

          2. We just had a delightful dinner. Unpretentious but carefully made, extremely fresh ingredients , a delight.

            1. Has anyone been this season? I see that they have opened but we won't be on the cape until August. Last summer it was delightful. Casual atmosphere, food prepared with great care and served at a leisurely pace.

              I do agree with the couple who complained about the restrooms. Well I don't agree that it is worth complaining about but I think that the set up is unfortunate and that diner should be able to expect better at this price point. However it will not prevent us from returning.

              I did want to point out that the view is really not a feature at this restaurant. We had to take the early seating because of availability but did not spend any time looking at the bay. We plan to go to the late seating this year. There are plenty of lesser restaurants that offer a far better view if that is your priority.