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Jul 17, 2014 03:48 AM

Smokehouse Deli- Khan Market, Delhi

Although I was determined to head to one of the Asian eateries in Khan Market to help my summer cold with some hot gingery soup, I ended up in Smokehouse Deli instead, as I found myself craving something a little more familiar.
I ordered the half sandwich (Brie and smoked sundried tomato spread with arugula) with a bowl of the smoked cauliflower soup. While neither was particularly smoky, the soup was particularly noteworthy, topped with crunchy fried shallots and garnished with a bit of truffle oil. It was creamy and well seasoned, with a nice hint of freshly ground black pepper. The sandwich, served grilled on brown bread, was very tasty, although I wished the slice of Brie had been a bit more generous-- it was such a small sliver that it only lended some creaminess, not its own flavor. The flop of the meal was a syrupy sweet mocktail, which tasted like peach jello mix. Truly awful. They also brought a bread basket with warmed rolls, more brown bread, and some cumin studded crunchy breadsticks, and I took one bite of the roll just to taste, and it seemed less than fresh in flavor and texture. I would definitely return, for the soup and to try something else! The menu is interesting, and the staff was very efficient and lovely.

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