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Jul 17, 2014 01:06 AM

Where to Get Thai Ingrediants In Delaware? Kaffir & Galangal

I want to make an authentic Beef Rendang. I need Kaffir Lime Leaves and Galangal. I can get everything at Newark Famer's Market for the recipe BUT those two items. Any ideas where I could get these important ingredients?

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  1. Looks like there is an Indian grocery store in Wilmington (Everest) and see the website at

    In Dover and Newark, too. I have never been, just searched. From the site:

    From Maggie Noodles to Basmati rice to Priya pickles, LG hing, and Hamam soap, there's no Indian product that you cannot get in Wilmington, Newark or Dover.

    Amazon sells dried versions. Also, check other ethnic grocers in your area. In my area, sometimes they have corners for other ethnicities besides the main grocery type.

    You can substitute ginger for galangal. I have also simply left out the kaffir lime leaves. I can't imagine what would be a good substitute. They are kind of their own thing. I have bought dried ones. You can find both of these items online, too, at Amazon.

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    1. re: healthytouch101

      I called up an Indian store called "Apna Bazaar" in Delaware. They claim to be the best India grocery store in Delaware. They've never heard of Galangal and Kaffir Lime Leaves. haha.

      My search continues. I do see that I could purchase these online. I guess that's my last option. It is SOOOO expensive online. Like $15 an ounce for Kaffir Lime Leaves. You would think you were buying some sort of drug or something.

      EDIT: I also called up Yong’s Oriental Food Mart and Wang’s Oriental Food Store. They said no to the Kaffir Lime Leaves but Wang's Oriental Store said that they had frozen Galangal. But that's after they didn't understand what Galangal was and I said: "Its sort of like Ginger". So it could be just frozen Ginger. :(

      1. re: ThaiYouUpLongTime

        Wow, that stinks. I live in a smaller population area and so the ethnic grocers tend to be multi-cultural or they won't survive. So my experience is that I can get Indian and some Asian and a few ingredients from the Philippines in one place. I know better though--because in the larger cities I have visited they are all very separate. What if you called one in a larger city and paid via credit card and asked them to ship it? Might be faster/cheaper than online.

        1. re: ThaiYouUpLongTime

          Kaffir lime and galangal are SE Asian ingredients.

          1. re: alkapal

            12/30/14 Saw them fresh at the Newark farmers market just before I left for Chennai.

            They were with the other fresh "Euro"" herbs. I was very suprised to see them.

            Had a clear soup in Mysore that had whole dried Kaffir lime leaves in it.

            Hard to believe they could not source fresh. Lazy chef I guess.

            1. re: mikewebb

              Really? I go there all the time. I NEVER see it there. Do you know where it was located? I practically have the entire Newark Farmers Market mapped into my brain. Is it on the right side wall with all of the greens? (fruits like Apples, papaya, are to the left of the wall). Or did you go past that wall near the Asian ingredients (where the lemongrass, ginger, and Asian greens are located... near the eggplant and zucchini.. heading towards the fish market section)

              1. re: ThaiYouUpLongTime

                Saw your post. Stopped by after work. Pulled up a picture of the leaves on my phone. Spoke to a woman who was either making a list of stock to pull or tabulating an order. She directed me to (phonetically) Yehz-zuz, med build, 5'9", mustashe, hispanic male, who is the manager of the vegetable area. He said yes they commonly have fresh Kaffir lime leaves, and yes they were availble around Christmas. He told me they would be re-stocked on Tuesday, Jan 27 along with more lemon grass.

                If you do go this weekend or whatever, I saw them with the fresh european herbs on the right hand wall top and lower bin. I saw the lime leaves where curry leaf is currently stocked. Not where you usually see the Lemongrass.

                Anyhow, good hunting!

                1. re: mikewebb

                  Thank you so much! I'm absolutely going to hunt for it. I have this Thai cookbook that I've been using, now I can try out many more recipes! Thanks again Mike!

                  1. re: mikewebb

                    Ugh, I'll try Jan 27-28th. I tried over the weekend and I couldn't find it. I talked with two hispanic guys and both couldn't help me (almost no English ability). I saw an Asian fellow at the checkout line (cashier) and asked him about lime leaves and he had never heard of it. If you have a smartphone you should take a picture of it. I swear I searched everywhere. I'll be amazed if you show me a picture and its right where I was looking. haha!

        2. Although I would be surprised if Apna Bazaar had either item--it's an Indian grocery, not SE Asian--there are in fact two Apna Bazaars, and the one on Elkton Rd. in Newark is bigger. I don't know if you called that one or the one in Price's Corner (Old Capitol Trail).

          I've been shopping Asian groceries in New Castle County for 16 years and I don't recall ever seeing these items. My suggestion would be to order online or take a ride up to Washington St. in Philadelphia, where there are several Vietnamese supermarkets.

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          1. re: travelmad478

            Thanks for the tips. You are correct these are more east Asian ingredients. I've seen A LOT of Thai recipes that include these ingredients. They seem to be the staple of their cooking. I might have to take a trip to Philly because at this point I think its impossible to find these ingredients in Delaware.

            I called the one on Old Capital trail road.

          2. If the previous suggestions don't solve your shopping needs, and you don't mind traveling a bit, you might want to try shopping in the area around Exton in Chester County. There are many (MANY) Indian and Asian grocers in that area. There's a good size store called Bhavani on Rt. 30 between Exton and Downingtown that has a nice selection of produce.

            Bhavani Food Market
            402 W Lincoln Hwy, Exton, PA 19341
            Phone:(610) 363-9030)

            There are also a few Asian/Indian grocers on Rt. 100 -- one in the Marchwood Shopping Center.

            Also in PA (Sorry -- I'm close to DE, and do lots of shopping there, but for these types of ingredients I shop in PA) -- I'm pretty sure I've seen Kaffir lime leaves in Wegmans in Downingtown. You migt also try Whole Foods on Rt. 202 in Glen Mills.

            1. In a past thread (, Janssen's Market said they sold kaffir lime leaves so you should check with them.

              1. Lemongrass is common in most places, but kaffir lime leaf & galangal are more difficult to find in the tri-state area. Wegmans often carries nice and fresh galangal. Young's Oriental Food Market, off of Kirkwood highway, next to BJs carries lime leaf and fresh lemongrass for a good price. The problem with the Newark farmers market is the lemongrass is not fresh and often is dried out. I do get fresh oyster mushroom and other jing-bang from the Newark farmers market because it is cheaper. My wife is Indian. We shop for Indian grocery all the time. I have never seen south-east Asian produce, other than Thai green eggplant & chili, in an Indian store. If you want one place to go, the Southeast Asian grocery, mostly Vietnamese can be found off of Columbus Blvd in Philly. There you can find everything. Hope this helps.