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Bread and Butter

Recently came home from a trip to Paris and then I see this video on Epicurious.


Now I'm dying for some amazing bread with amazing butter. I'm kicking myself for not cold packing some French butter along with some Poilane bread to extend the joy by even a day or two.

Is there a restaurant/bakery/creamery in LA or OC to get my hands on some top notch bread and/or butter?

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  1. Zinque on Venice and Abbot Kinney Blvds imports Poilane bread twice a week. I think the butter is domestic.

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      Forgot to mention Zinque is now in West Hollywood as well.

    2. Believe it or not Smart and Final carries French butter. Granted its not what you would find in Paris, Tours, or the Dordogne, but its really good butter...and it doesn't cost that much. I use it when I try to reproduce Joel Rubuchon mashed potatoes. Couple this with Bulvinaka's tip and you might "extend the joy" a bit...but LA is not Paris, and never will be.

      1. there's also a nice selection of butter at surfa's. and i think you can order quite a few things online.

        1. If you are in the vicinity of the Mar Vista Farmers Market on Sundays then you should check out the stand run by Chris Vamos of Milk Man Cheese Services for the butter he carries (McClelland's): http://www.milkmanla.com/about.html and you can read more about his business here: http://venice.patch.com/groups/opinio...

          Dommy recommends it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9693... and you can get more information on McClelland's here: http://www.mcclellandsdairy.com/Produ...

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              Servorg, Have you actually seen him at Mar Vista recently? The last time Dommy and I saw Chris, he was working at DTLA Cheese. He'd put Milkman on indefinite hold since it wasn't quite paying the bills. Other than that he is amazing with Cheese and Butter. He cold smoked some butter once and it was wonderful.

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                I haven't. So if he's not there anymore I am probably sending the OP on a wild "snipe" hunt. I wonder if anyone else is representing McClelland butter at one of the local farmers markets?

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                  Spring Hil from Petaluma has been at the Santa Monica FM on 3rd/Arizona. Their organic butter is Euro-style and very good.

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                    I looked him up just last week but he was not at the stated farmers market. :-(

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                      He was working at DTLA Cheese in GCM and Dommy was ecstatic to see him He should be there so ask at the counter when you get there. I haven't been to GCM in many moons and it will be a few more weeks till I can get there, but when I do I'll try to check in with him.

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                      oh i think he was at the atwater fm on sundays too. i LOVED his butter. was sad when they quit the market.

                  2. You can pick up a great baguette at Republique and if you feel like dining there, they serve a wonderful French butter as an option.

                    1. Nicole's (http://www.nicolesmarketcafe.com/) in Pasadena carries Lescure, and sometimes (if you're lucky) Beurre De Baratte or Jean-Yves Bordier.

                      Buy some, then walk down the street, about 2 blocks, to Fiore Market (http://fioremarketcafe.com/) and pick up a loaf of homemade bread.

                      The rest I leave to your own devices.

                      Do this on Tuesdays only.

                      Then thank me on Wednesday.

                      1. The closest to Poilane bread I have found in southern CA is at the Pain Quotidien in Newport Beach. I've had the same bread at the PQ in West Hollywood, and although very good, the bread at the NB store seems better.

                        President butter from Normandy is readily available in southern CA, but I'm not sure that it's better than the Kerrygold Irish butter which is my current fave.

                        1. Epicure Imports in North Hollywood carries the following lines of butter, and is next open to the public for its sale on Sept. 12 & 13:

                          111390 BEURREMONT BUTTER 83% 450 GR USA 36 X 1 LB /CS EA
                          112320 DEVON CREAM 500 GR GB 6 X 17 OZ/CS EA
                          200335 ECHIRE SALTED (DEMI-SEL) BUTTER BAR 250 GR FRANCE 20 X 250 GR/CS EA
                          200330 ECHIRE UNSALTED (DOUX) BUTTER BAR 250 GR FRANCE 20 X 250 GR/CS EA
                          200320 ECHIRE SALTED (DEMI-SEL) BUTTER BASKET 5 KG FRANCE 11 LBS EA
                          200310 ECHIRE UNSALTED (DOUX) BUTTER BASKET 5 KG FRANCE 11 LBS EA
                          200395 FABRIQUE DELICES BACON BUTTER 85 GR USA 8 X 3 OZ/CS EA
                          200190 FABRIQUE DELICES BLACK TRUFFLE BUTTER 85 GR USA 8 X 3 OZ/CS EA
                          149280 FABRIQUE DELICES PORCINI BUTTER 85 GR USA 8 X 3 OZ/CS EA
                          200200 FABRIQUE DELICES WHITE TRUFFLE BUTTER 85 GR USA 8 X 3 OZ/CS EA
                          111500 KENDALL FARMS CREME FRAICHE 1 QUART USA 6 X 1 QT/CS EA
                          111510 KENDALL FARMS CREME FRAICHE 210 GR USA 12 X 7.5 OZ/CS EA
                          200350 LE GALL BUTTER FLEUR DE SEL DE GUERANDE 250 GR FRANCE 12 X 250 GR/CS EA
                          200150 PRESIDENT UNSALTED BUTTER BAR 200 GR FRANCE 20 X 7 OZ/CS CS
                          111451 URBANI BLACK TRUFFLE BUTTER 228 GR ITALY 12 X 8 OZ/CS EA
                          200380 URBANI BLACK TRUFFLE BUTTER 84 GR ITALY 8 X 3 OZ/CS EA
                          200390 URBANI WHITE TRUFFLE BUTTER 228 GR ITALY 12 X 8 OZ/CS EA
                          200400 URBANI WHITE TRUFFLE BUTTER 84 GR ITALY 8 X 3 OZ/CS EA
                          200120 VERMONT LIGHTLY SALTED BUTTER CHEF ROLL 454 GR USA 12 X 1 LB/CS EA

                          I use the Le Gall, and really enjoy it. Silver Lake Wine serves the Vermont butter shown at the bottom of the list, for those who have tasted it and wondered which one it is.

                          1. Go to Republique. Lovely bread and butter right now. Serve of their breakfasts come with a baguette on the side.

                            Another enjoyable bread and butter experience in a totally different way is to pick up a loaf of Red Fife wheat bread at Kenter Canyon Farms FM stall and then walk down and pick some fresh butter at Spring Hill Jersey Cheese. Slice, spread, eat.