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Jul 16, 2014 09:08 PM

Organic/sustainable in Coronado?

Our family will be in San Diego for a week and we will be staying at hotel del Coronado. We are looking for organic, farm to table, locavore options fir breakfast, lunch, and dinners in Coronado. Seafood, wild and get the idea:). So far we have Burger Lounge, Leroys, and 1500 Ocean on our list. We will definitely be going to True Food Kitchen when we are at the mall. We have eaten there before and loved it. We will also be going to Legoland but will spend most of our vacation in Coronado. Would also love a good suggestion for my favorite food:fish tacos. Is there an organic/sustainable option for these?

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  1. Can't think of anything offhand, but here's a resource you might want to check out that's organic/sustainable-oriented (although not exclusively). It might point you to something in the way of fish tacos in Coronado. Or not. Worth a look.

    1. Bluewater Boathouse has just opened (I haven't been yet) but they are advertising sustainable fish...

      Tent City (on Orange Ave) has set up an organic juice bar.

      Tartine (on 1st Ave) sources some of their produce from the local farmers market.

      And... realize you are limited because you are in a hotel, but the farmers market (Tue 2:30 - 5) at the Ferry Landing has a couple of organic producers. We are getting organic figs and peaches right now. There is also a vendor with good berries.. not organic but they don't spray.

      Zillaro Cellers has a tasting room on Adella, some of the grapes are local to San Diego

      Nado Gelato has locally roasted coffee and makes the gelato in house. (best coffee and gelato on the island


      There is also a small market on the island, Boney's Bayside Market, with a lot of organic items for snacks or picnics.

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        I see that Bluewater Boathouse has fish tacos for lunch, but good lord, $15?

        1. re: DoctorChow

          That's why they're sustainable.

          At those prices, so few will be ordered them fishes will be around fahever.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            LOL, hadn't looked at it from than angle.

      2. Thank you for your help. We had an excellent meal at True Food Kitchen Sunday. Boneys was a good rec. We picked up organic cheese, fruit and milk there. Luckily we have a fridge in our room! In Coronado we have eaten at Leroy's and Tent City and will be having dinner at 1500 Ocean this evening.
        I liked the food at Leroy's and we will go back again this week. Even the French fries were organic:).
        The food at Tent City for the most part is not organic but between 10-3 they offer organic juice, smoothies, and salads. I had all 3 and felt like I had a nice healthy meal. I would def go back for the fresh organic juice and smoothies. My husband had eggs Benedict and kids French toast and waffles. Their meals were average diner type food.
        Will try the $15 sustainable fish tacos at the fish restaurant tomorrow:). Hoping there are other like minded San Diegoans so that it is fresh lol.

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          The Boathouse seems to be busy whenever I go by on my way to the pool ~ 5pm or so! And just had a report from my neighbor (who I trust on restaurant picks) that they had an excellent meal there. And just think of the deal that your are getting by not having the $23 "Fork & Knife Fish Tacos" at the Del!

          1. re: firecooked

            Yeah, such a deal...

            Can't wait until Addison has a $45 fish taco.

            Seriously, though, now I wonder who has the most expensive fish taco in the city? Does the Del get the prize?

            1. re: DoctorChow

              George's California Modern deconstructed fish taco appetizer is a affordable $16 (until you assign a cost per pound ratio). ;) I know it's popular...but I wasn't a fan of this dish.