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Jul 16, 2014 08:26 PM

Family Dining in Montreal & Quebec City

My family will be spending 3 days in Montreal and 2 in Quebec City in a couple of weeks. The adults are adventurous eaters, but the children (ages 11 & 13) have more limited palates, especially the youngest. In Montreal, we are staying at Le Square Phillips.

I am hoping to generate a list of restaurants in both cities where we 1) don't need a reservation; and 2) everyone can find something to eat.

Montreal: I know about some of the good pizza places in Montreal; and we will definitely go for smoked meat. I'd love a place to get poutine where there is other deli-type food for my daughter (sad, but I don't think she will like poutine). Also, would love to find a good but casual French restaurant where the adults can enjoy and the kids get something like a burger, or maybe steak frite.

Quebec City: Particularly interested in good breakfast spots and, again, places for dinner with something for everyone.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Steak Frites could be a good option then and there are two locations. I think most menus will have a few more safe choices for kids so it is probably fine to go where you would like. My kids are pretty adventurous now but when they were younger it was easy enough to please them at, say, Au Pied de Cochon or L'Express. You might have to wander away from Square Phillips for adventurous food. What kind of adventure are you looking for?

    Not a lot of chowhounds from Quebec City on these boards but a search will likely turn up a pretty good list or two. The level is high so it should be easy to find some good pastries for breakfast. There is good poutine there, or else Poutineville in Montreal can provide some more wild options as well as good classic poutine. For smoked meat, the Main offers a more extensive menu with other options, otherwise Schwartz is fun for the experience.

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      Thank you, that's helpful. I didn't mean we needed to eat right near the hotel, we are happy to travel. I did figure on Il Foccolaio for one of the evenings. I will check out your other suggestions.

      As far as adventurous, I mean we will eat just about anything, as long as it is well-prepared with good ingredients. We love creative, chef-driven rather than corporate type restaurants. The other issue is that our schedule is quite unpredictable, so casual places that don't need a reservation are probably the most realistic.

    2. There is a Frite Alors location location two blocks away(its in a basement though) that has pretty good poutine... La belle province on peel (three blocks) is a chain casse croute (greasy snack) place with good poutine and eatable burgers..... I mostly recommend these places because they are very close to where you are staying and they are in no way more than extremely casual restaurants . In phillips square Il foccolaio is a great pizza place with about 100 choices...I like le square philips (54?) and the volcano calzone.
      Plateau's recs are good.

      1. You will have more answers for Montreal so i will concentrate mine on Québec.

        For breakfast : the brunch at Cafe du Clocher Penché (only week-end); croissants and other pastries at Paillard (on st-jean street) or Croquembouche (downtown). There is also the brunch at Le Pied bleu, a lot of people like it. Myself i find it a bit heavy and also most of the times the plate arrive cold (for the dinner they dont have that problem, but dinner there is not an option if your kids are not adventurous).

        For dinner, if you are staying in the tourist area, i have to say i was satisfied about a recent dinner at L'entrecote St-Jean. Its a steak frite place. Its affordable and the food is quite honest. If you are willing to travel downtown, i suggest you Hosakaya-Ramen. My kids love that place to the extend that they do their birthday party there!

        If you like beer, go at La Barberie, the terrasse is nice, your kids can come, they will feed them with chips and there is a park and a ping-pong table to play! Whenever they want to eat, you can order food and eat it on the terrasse. They have a serie of menus that you can order of.

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          Thank you! This is extremely helpful. We all love ramen, so that is really good to know about. La Barberie sounds perfect. We are staying at Hotel Le Concorde and have a car. Are these places we would need to drive to? Or can we get there by public transportation? Thank you so much!

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            I think that public transportation for that specific itinerary will be too complicated. If you drive your car, you wont have that much problems to find a parking. If you walk, both places will take you a good 20-30 minutes from Le Concorde (in opposite directions). If you take a taxi, it wont be expensive and might provide you to search around.