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Jul 16, 2014 07:58 PM

Where to eat in East Waikiki

My family and I are going to Oahu in a week. We are staying near the zoo. My husband will be working during the day, so I will be on my own with my 7 & 9 year old kids. I'm looking for inexpensive food somewhat near the hotel. We like all kinds of Asian food, I'd like to try some local dishes, and some days would like to do carry-out (and eat at the beach? In a park?) I'd love to find a place that has good vietnamese sandwiches...

I am also planning on eating dim sum at least once. It's my daughter's favorite and we can't get it where we live (Mobile, AL). I will have a car - how hard is it to drive to Chinatown and park?

Also we need some advice on shave ice - I'm sure my kids will request it many times!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. kapahulu is just off the east end of waikiki
    do a search on this board

    1. Diamond Head Market/Grill on Monserrat might be a good option for your picnic fixin's.
      Not hard to drive to Chinatown, just go up Kapahulu, follow it around onto H-1 W, and take the Vineyard exit, down 5 lights and left on Maunakea...right into the heart of Chinatown. 20 - 30 minutes, depending on traffic. Parking down there is more of a challenge, suggest you park at the Chinese Cultural Plaza and get dim sum at Fook Lam or Legends, where they will validate.

      Much closer and easier, would be to go up to Happy Days in Kaimuki with lots of parking in the city lot behind the row of restaurants on Waialae between 11th an 12th.

      1. If you head up Kapahulu Ave going north, from Waikiki, you will find:

        - Ono Seafood, 747 Kapahulu Ave, closed Sun and Tues, takeout only
        - Waiola Shave Ice, 3113 Mokihana St
        - Side Street Inn, 614 Kapahulu Ave
        - Ono Hawaiian Food, 726 Kapahulu Ave
        - Haili's Hawaiian Food, 760 Palani Ave., closed Mon
        - Leonard's Bakery, 933 Kapahulu Ave
        - Zippy's, 601 Kapahulu Ave

        We have also enjoyed the banh mi from the Pig & the Lady, located in Chinatown at 83 N King St. They also have a stand at the famous Saturday morning KCC farmers market.

        1. Up on Monsarrat there is Diamond Head Grill & Bakery, Pioneer Inn, and Monsarrat Shave Ice. On Kapahulu there is Waiola Shave Ice.
          If you do go to Happy Days in Kaimuki for dim sum, you can follow it up with some gelato from Via Gelato or even a li hing mui icee from the Kaimuki Crack Seed Store.
          If you head to chinatown, there are several municipal parking structures where you should be able to find parking. The parking is cheapest in these lots. You can see them on the map here:
          I would suggest either F,I,J, or K.

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            Is there some reason few people mention South Shore Grill in here? My personal favorite on Monsarat ave.

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                Probably because not a lot of people have tried it. I haven't. Good to know of another place where the food is good.