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Jul 16, 2014 06:47 PM

Homemade Frozen Dumpling close to Palo Alto?

I’m looking to buy homemade frozen dumplings, but SF and Oakland are too far of a drive.

Does anyone know of Chinese home cooks who can make and sell homemade dumplings that can be cooked at home?

Thank you!

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  1. They sell some at the Mountain View Farmer's market on Sundays

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      Thank you! I’ll check that out!

    2. Are you only looking for chinese? And what about small-restaurant-made? There are places in San Mateo where the restaurant makes a few extra and has them in bags.

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        Yes, restaurants would be great as well. What restaurants in San Mateo sell them in bags?

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          Town of dumpling had them as of a year ago

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            The place that I used to use changed hands, I won't say they have them without checking myself - and the website is no help. Sorry.

        2. Hana
          4320 Moorpark Ave
          San Jose, CA 95129
          West San Jose

          We often eat in the restaurant and take frozen dumplings home. Chinese/Japanese = Wonderful

          1. A lao wai po (Chinese grandma) makes dumplings that are sold out of a freezer in the back at Southland Flavor Cafe in Cupertino Village. They're very modestly priced, about $15 for 50 pcs of good-sized pork and chive dumplings which are my favorite. They also have pork and napa cabbage, and one other type that escapes me. For a bit more (~$22 for 50?), she also sells XLB that have good filling and medium thick skin.

            They're a bit more rustic and homey than, say, Hana or frozen dumplings you can get from Tong Dumpling (also handmade) in the same complex which I prefer for some reason. The skin-to-filling ratio is good for my taste and value is high.

            Ask anyone working there about frozen dumplings and they're happy to help you. They used to be cash only but I have a dim memory that they might accept cards now.

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              OT: When I first read your post, I thought a lao wai po isn't a Chinese grandma but an American one. Then I realized I was thinking laowai po instad of lao waipo.

              Mandarin isn't my first dialect, would you call all grandmas lao waipo? In Cantonese, we would say popo or lao popo.

            2. FYI, Queen's House (273 Castro St., downtown Mountain View, near the train station, telephone 650-960-0580) -- sometimes also spelled Queen House -- not only makes and sells several Chinese filled dumpling types in bags, frozen, but also, was famous for this specialty, in years past, among MV residents (since much earlier than the dealer who now appears at the farmer's market on Sundays).

              It's a tiny, family-run restaurant. A few minutes by Caltrain from either the University or California Ave. station in Palo Alto. Closed on Tuesdays.

              You may have to ask at the counter, but there is a printed list of available dumplings, which should also be posted at the counter. At times, the dumpling list has appeared as a large wall poster.