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Jul 16, 2014 06:39 PM

New San Diego open-air fish market (buy from boats!)

On August 2, a new open-air fish market (one where you can buy direct from fisherman returning with their catch) will be opening. I have been wondering why San Diego didn't have something like this before. According to the news ( report "When local fishermen tried to open a market before, they were told by the Department of Agriculture that they would need a farmer's market permit. But there's a catch: fishermen don't qualify as farmers." Typical bureaucracy! I'm excited that it will finally be happening. I hope it is really as advertised.

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    1. re: rojieh

      Supervisor Cox's remarks in the video and article are spot on. I don't always agree with him (or any politician), but I do in this case.

      I also hope this works out.

      It needs a name, though. Maybe just "Tuna Harbor Pier" will stick.