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Jul 16, 2014 06:32 PM

Pick One

Trying to decide between 3 old-timers I haven't visited yet.

Casa Mono
Hearth - I don't see the famous Gnocchi on the menu
Crispo - Carbonara. That good? Doesn't look very traditional

For this Sat night, with 2 adventurous young teens. Not too dark

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  1. Crispo is definitely the most family friendly but probably the least exciting. I'd go with Hearth if you think the kids are up for it.

    1. Don't know about the other places.. But I love hearth, their pork ragu is amazing.. And their gnocchi should be on the menu as a side dish.

      1. casa mono is the only place here that excited me.

        hearth has sadly been dumbing down their offerings ever since the rent increase. i think they had a fried chicken 4th of july thing...very sad. also, there food is too heavy for summer if you ask me.

        crispo is meh.

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        1. re: sam1

          I agree 100% with sam1.
          Casa Mono is the only one that entices me. Hearth is good but boring, and Crispo is a small step above mediocre.

          1. re: Barcelonian

            Strongly disagreed on Crispo, but it isn't too adventurous.

            1. re: Pan

              i'm also a big fan of Crispo. i was there last night and can say that the food is at least three very large steps above mediocre. i had duck with brussels sprouts and potato croquettes, all of which were perfectly cooked and well portioned.

              1. re: coasts

                I always order the duck when I go there. My favorite pasta is the butternut squash ravioli, which I also always order.

        2. It may not be the most exciting, but we have enjoyed our many meals at Crispo over the years. Haven't been to the others so can't compare, but I think Crispo gets bashed unfairly on this board, usually being compared to places that are substantially more expensive. Order whatever looks most interesting and you will not be disappointed. It's excellent value for the money.

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          1. re: rrems

            1. Really enjoyed Casa Mono. Most interesting of the three. Been awhile.

            2. Hearth. I have not been, SO has been many times. The Hearth Manifesto:


            3. I haven't been to Crispo in ages. Good food, good value last time I went. It works when you have a group with different tastes and budgets. Thanks to hounds suggestions, we went on a weeknight. Probably the darkest of the three. OP requested "not too dark."

          2. If the kids are adventurous (and you can get in) i vote casa mono. Everyone loves the razor clams a la plancha and their duck egg potato dish (lomo saltado con papas?) is great. Nice wine list with a few hard to find spanish cidras too
            I really liked hearth, just felt more like where i would bring my kind of picky not adventurous relatives more than somewhere i would frequent. Amazing wines though