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Jul 16, 2014 05:30 PM

Seeking Ingredient: Gochujang

I have hot-footed all over Houston looking for this ingredient (a hot/sweet pepper paste) for some Korean Meatballs. Never found it, although it is apparently a key ingredient in many Korean dishes. I subbed a lesser amount of Sambal Oelek and they were good enough for company! But if anyone can point me to the real deal, let me know. Tried Kroger, HEB, Phoenica. It is made by the widely commercial brand Annie Chun's.

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  1. Amazon has quite a few brands. I got mine as an add on so no shipping fee.

    1. Do you have an Asian market in your area. If not, then, yeah, Amazon is your friend :) It really is good stuff.

      Is this the recipe?

      I thought it was fantastic!

      1. Feel a little foolish pointing out the obvious, but have you tried H-Mart, the Korean store in "Korea town"?

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          No, I didn't realize there is a Korea Town? But I wanted to make them yesterday and had everything on hand to do so except for this ingredient that I expected would be readily available, so I had a limited amount of time and area to search. Although 99 Ranch should have occurred to me over Phoenicia. Planning ahead is best!

          c oliver that looks good. This is the recipe I used and it was really good, tasted much like the filling in gyoza. It will join the rotation. I wonder how the Gochujang will change it.

            1. re: Jaymes

              99 Ranch and H Mart are down the street from each other just north of I-10 on Blalock. If you're coming from the south, H Mart will be on your right, turn back south and 99 Ranch will be on your right at I-10.

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                Yah, this is a duh moment. Always the last minute here. Also like more convo here, so there's an upside!

                1. re: Lambowner

                  And while you're in Koreatown, you should try a meal at Bon Ga. Sure would like to do a meetup with all y'all fine folks.