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Jul 16, 2014 04:05 PM

Email address for Food editor desk at LA Times?

Years ago, I cut out a recipe for holiday mulled wine from the Los Angeles Times food section.......saved and used it for years and years and years....

...and then lost it! It was a beloved recipe! No other mulled wine mix or recipe has held up to it.

I've tried searching on the LA Times website and can't find it...and I've had a hard time finding the email address for the Food section/editor there, so I can ask them for help finding it for me.

Does anyone know the email address for questions to the Food section editor at the LA Times?

Thanks much!


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      1. re: Bob Brooks

        Nope--neither of these are the one.

        It was part of a Christmas dinner, and was just a little small recipe.....two inches by three inches square?...that's why I lost it.

        It didn't have honey, and one key ingredient was that it had whole peppercorns. You had to crack the peppercorns and other spices....I did so by putting them between two sheets of paper towel and crushing them with a rolling pin.

        1. re: chrisheadrick

          It was only one recipe that we pointed you to (Bob linked to the same one I did).

          How about this one: (scroll down to see the mulled wine recipe)

          1. re: TheOffalo

            YES YES YES YES YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you!!!

            1. re: chrisheadrick

              Heh, you're very welcome! Glad I could find it for you! Print it out, save it as a PDF, preserve it for posterity! :-)