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Jul 16, 2014 02:50 PM

Dreamfields Pasta for a diabetic, are their low carb claims a hoax?

A non-diabetic low carb eating friend of mine was touting Dreamfields Pasta. There are a few older threads here on Chowhound and also a lot of conflicting opinions on the validity of their claims.
Do any diabetics here eat this pastas and how does it affect your blood sugar? thanks

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  1. Yes, they are a hoax. In fact, they tend to cause a very late, and very long, therefore damaging, glucose spike. For some diabetics. Others find they spike more than regular pasta. This study found no difference from regular pasta:

    In my own case, the spike didn't start til more than 3 hours post meal, I believe, and lasted for a long time. You could try Exas Explore Asian golden soybean spaghetti. I made a really good lo mein with it last week, though should have blotted and drained the noodles overnight before using.

    1. I heard the excess settlement funds of the class action will be donated to the American Diabetes Association. Maybe they'll use the money to denounce low-carb eating?

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          I'll believe it when I see it. ADA gets loads of funding from companies that manufacture items to treat and test DM, e.g. insulin, needles, testing equipment, etc., not cure it. Will they bite the hand that helps feed them?

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            I think you read that wrong, maybe?

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              Ooops yes I did, didn't I? Read what I wanted to read I guess. I just keep thinking of being borderline diabetic several years ago. Went to a series of diabetes education classes and there were a couple baskets with candies and cookies that people could have- full sugar ones, not SF. I didn't understand how that worked with diabetes and at the time I actually thought the instructors, who were NURSES!- knew what they were talking about. I guess they were basically following the ADA party line.

        2. Zackly, I'm not diabetic but my H is Type 2. When we eat dishes that contain semolina pasta--which is very seldom for the obvious reasons--we use the regular kind. For example, if I make lasagna, I'll use one layer of lasagna noodles and one layer of eggplant in lieu of the pasta. Similarly if we do scampi, I'll toss just a bit of regular gemelli with lots of shrimp and sautéed garlic cloves, onions, tomato, rappi and zucchini. So, the common denominator is a very modest portion of regular pasta, with extra veggies and protein.

          My H could easily, some years ago, put away half a box of pasta, and we stupidly thought when he was diagnosed that he could still do so, except with Dreamfields...and according to his meter, he couldn't. It's all about the meter.

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            When I make lasagna, I use only Barilla no boil noodles; they're thin, lower carb than regular and close to fresh noodles in texture. I make a top and bottom noodle layer, and a very thick middle (or I use baked eggplant noodles instead, too) filled with cheeses, browned sausage and drained and squeezed out chopped spinach. I eat the cheesy top layer and leave the bottom one on my plate.

            1. re: mcf

              Yes. One of the things that the "thick middle" method does is that it forces you to be creative. My lasagna have gone from "noodle-sauce-cheese-repeat" (layer after layer) to having all kinds of stuff in them...spinach, ground turkey, different kinds of cheese, sometimes's the limit.

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                What is a baked eggplant noodle? A commercial product or something you made?

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                  Slices I coat with a light dusting of carbalose flour or just cut very thin and bake on high heat, turning once. :-)

                  If yo have an Asian grocer, check the fridge case for sheets of dried tofu noodle you can cut. I haven't tried it yet, but think it might work really well.

                  1. re: mcf

                    if you are willing to try cuisines other than european cuisines, those tofu sheets can be used to make a very delicious dish with chopped mustard greens and shelled soybeans.

                    1. re: westsidegal

                      I need to find those tofu sheets. I suppose they have them at the Korean megamart I frequent but I have not noticed them.

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                        They also sell dried tofu noodles, they freeze well. They're kind of like the egg noodles Chinese restaurants serve.

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                    Yes...I bake them on high heat. Really delicious and lazy too!

              2. My DH liked it and didn't notice any particular spike, but we ate it in very small amounts with plenty of vegetables. Unfortunately, his diabetes has gotten much worse (it was actually GONE for two years and he had a normal a1C just in March, but Friday when he finally got to the doctors after wanting to go for two weeks, his sugar was 480.) I assumed it was a 'safe' food for him, but we haven't eaten it in a long time...