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Jul 16, 2014 01:55 PM

Best Rasp / Fine Grater?

I am on a hunt for a new rasp / fine grater. For a while we had the standard microplane one with the plastic handle and the skinny body ( My husband complained about that one because he said it was too narrow and he kept scraping his hands up on it (never happened to me, but he was being so whiny about it that I just decided it had to be replaced). Then we bought the plastic paddle one (, which somehow became so dull it is almost unusable -- I think it may have happened after grating ginger.

So I am thinking about maybe upgrading to one of their all-metal paddles ("Professional" line). . But I don't want it to end up being the same as the plastic one that got so dull. I see that SLT also sells one called "Elite" ( I can't really figure out what is the difference between the plastic one, the Professional, or the Elite.

Anyone have any thoughts on which of the Microplanes are the best, or if there are others I have not looked into yet that you would recommend?

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  1. Definitely keep with microplane.

    I use this one most, but it would be too thin again for your husband.

    I also have the bottom one at my parents house. I can't seem to find it alone I imagine it is medium or fine and seems to be the gourmet series. It also works well.

    Even though they all say dishwasher safe, it has been my experience that the dishwasher dulls the microplane faster than food. I routinely (2+ times a week) grate garlic, fresh ginger, frozen fresh ginger, parm (including rind sometimes) and I have yet to replace my microplane after years. Gently hand wash, you don't want to press too hard. In my experience it isn't actual dulling you experience but the teeth being pressed back towards the frame which gives you a dulling effect. I minimize this by handwashing gently. In a professional kitchen we experienced the dulling effect rapidly when put through an industrial dishwasher, I imagine a home one can do the same over time.

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      We don't have a dishwasher, so I've always had no choice to handwash them. The plastic paddle one that we have got dull pretty shortly after purchasing it. I mean, it is really almost unusable. I don't know for sure what did it but I'm pretty sure it happened after grating ginger.

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        Hmm, then maybe there is a difference with the plastic one. I always just buy the at restaurant supply stores, they are generally cheaper then at places like SLT and the others.

    2. If nearby, take a trip to a Lowe's/ Home Depot/ Ace Hardware and look at the choices. Pick them up and heft them.
      Since you hand wash, you can choose from the beautiful ones with wooden handles.

      1. I still like this one best

        It was my first and I love the way it sits across a bowl or pot. It hangs on the wall in easy reach: