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Jul 16, 2014 12:19 PM

SD Gets Nod for What It Does Best in CA Rating

Well, I think this article's mention of SD's specialty in the CA ranking, got it correct.

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  1. I normally detest lists, but there were some interesting details in there. Now I am hungry for fish tacos!

    I was recently in Michigan and was shocked at the number of restaurants with primarily locally sourced foods (even the breweries are increasingly using local hops and grain).

    While in Grand Rapids, MI I had some lake trout fish tacos at my Marriott hotel and they were fantastic. Now if they could get the tortillas right...

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    1. re: MrKrispy

      My ex-wife was from Grand Rapids, and I lived there for a short time in the mid-sixties. They didn't have fish tacos then (oh, really?) but fresh fish from anywhere along the Great Lakes was wonderful.

      I have no reason to go back there now, so I can only imagine a fish taco made with fresh lake trout!

      [Turns green with envy.]

    2. I love any list where we're #1.

      1. They got the Mission Burrito part wrong. Our burritos and fish tacos are #1 ;)

        1. Those burritos in the mission are disgusting. I don't know why people love em so much. Just because something the size of a small child cost 3 bucks doesnt mean its good.