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Jul 16, 2014 11:45 AM

Southern-style pralines

On a trip to Charleston, SC, I had a wonderful praline candy. I'd love to buy them once in a while locally, but haven't been able to find a store that carries them. Any ideas? I'm in Virginia, and get to D.C. occasionally.

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  1. I just went on Google and searched "pralines--Washington, D.C." There were several bakeries/candy shops that may provide what you are searching for.

    Years ago I discovered praline cookies on a trip to New Orleans. I thought I died and went to Heaven. I literally gorged on those delicacies during my 3 day visit. Thankfully, it was a short trip--or I would have gained a ton just eating those cookies--not to mention the fabulous cuisine in the French Quarter restaurants.

    Since I live in Baltimore and don't get to visit D.C. or Virginia of late, I would like to be more helpful. But I am certain that the Chowhounders in your area(s) will come through for you. FoiGras

    1. Please describe what you are looking for.

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      1. re: Steve

        Sweet, slightly crumbly brown sugar candy with pecans. Not a cookie.

      2. Have you tried a Cracker Barrel?

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        1. re: MikeR

          Never would have thought of them. Their website doesn't show pralines, but if I am near a Cracker Barrel, I may stop in to see.

        2. Try the Old Town Alexandria Market on Sat. mornings- there's a seller there who sets up in front.

          Also, Artfully Chocolate.

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          1. re: monavano

            The Old Town Farmer's Market pralines are amazing I must say. I usually have to just not look as I pass by or I'll buy some and just ruin my diet.

          2. Bayou Bakery in Courthouse has the best pralines I've ever tasted outside of New Orleans! They toast the pecans first which really adds to the flavor. [Their other food is pretty great, too, but you'll probably need to add a significant amount of hot sauce.]

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            1. re: pollosmoky

              This sounds promising. I will check it out. Thanks.

              1. re: Elizabeth E.

                David Guas [chef-owner of Bayou Bakery] also has a cookbook, Dam Good Sweet, which is filled w/recipes for NOLA and greater Louisiana desserts, confections, etc. Including, as it happens, his praline recipe, should you be feeling industrious.

              2. re: pollosmoky

                Yes, I second Bayou Bakery's pralines!