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Jul 16, 2014 11:43 AM

Best high end solo dining experiences

Headed to LV in the fall and am looking for a higher end restaurant to treat myself, I'll be dining solo.
Already have Joel Robuchon on the list, so I'm trying to decide on one more restaurant. Any suggestions? Preferably not French.

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  1. e by Jose Andres for the theater.
    Twist for the food.
    Raku for the novelty of an off-strip experience and stellar cuisine.

    1. Las Vegas is among the most solo-friendly dining scenes anywhere, so the options are plentiful. In addition to the three top-notch places listed in the previous post, you may also want to look at some of the tasting menus being offered. The rotating regional menu at B&B is a good example - the current feature is Tuscany, which you can see at the bottom of this menu link ( That assumes that "Italian rustic" can be considered high-end; at B&B it is more than a fair assumption.

      Since you will not be coming until the fall, you can also follow along the developments at Omae. Web site is still in development; "@TakeshiOmae" on Twitter. They are at 3650 South Decatur, and still in a "soft" opening phase - when the liquor license clears, they will be doing evening kaiseki offerings.

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        so that's where Ramen by Omae went eh

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          QAW, hope all is well. One quick question, if you don't mind. Well maybe not quick...I have been one who has been pretty down on B&B in the past as my meals there have been less than stellar. I have not been back in some 3-4 years after three less than acceptable experiences. In your opinion, do you find that the quality has gotten better over the last several years (which would be in complete contrast to what has happened to the mother ship, Babbo) or is it just simply a difference in opinions?

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            Having recently went I'd suggest the food is on-par with any of the 'top' Italian tables in New York or San Francisco. Obviously not as 'frechified' as spots like Quince or Del Posto, but very good. The sort of spot that would net a Michelin star in either city.

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              I will try to be precise without becoming long-winded, but you will notice through the years almost anything I have said about B&B has been for particular dishes, or tasting menus, and purposefully not an overall reference. In response to the OP, I thought it could be a fit because those tasting menus often get overlooked, and bring a take on regional Italian dining that can be a new experience almost regardless of where someone has traveled in from. And they have tended to be well thought out, including the wine pairings.

              For me it has been a love/hate relationship with B&B and Carnevino both, because of a maddening inconsistency. When they do it right they do it very right, but then there are sloppy mistakes in execution that are so unnecessary given what they have to work with (on the last trip to Carnevino, a dining companion and I had to send back a side dish that was genuinely inedible, which should not happen at that level).

              But when it comes to summer, B&B goes near the top of the list, and that does matter in Las Vegas, where the “seasonal” dining aspect remains a step behind. You could spend some time perusing current menus up and down the Strip, and not have any idea that it was the middle of July. Batali & Co. did a superb job of cultivating west coast sources for their Las Vegas properties, and this is the time of year when they shine. Not only do the appetizers and pastas get reworked to take advantage of the season, but they also change the accents with the proteins (the Rabbit Porchetta is now paired with a carrot sformato and sunflower sprouts; the Pork Chop is with Frog Hollow peaches, etc). And their side of Charred Sweet Corn with Fregola and Mint, back on the menu in the summer once again, plays so well to a steak.

              So in the summer, and when the specials or tasting menus work, B&B is in play (their current Tuscany tasting menu was created to also be a nice tribute to some local farmers). But as for overall consistency? I can‘t genuinely say that it has gotten better – the most recent experience was excellent, but my dining companion was a well-known owner of a local restaurant, and because of that we were given a level of service that probably should not be considered standard. I guess I ended up being long-winded after all.

              1. re: QAW

                Not a letter too long. Thoughtful and thought provoking as you normally are. I will give Batali &Co (I like that. People tend to give Mario all the accolades when it comes to the "empire" however it is the Co. that is the driver) credit for what they have established. It really is second to none for what they have done. I was recently in Chicago and was blown away with the Eataly there. And my wife and I absolutely loved our afternoon snack of razor clams with the salami and cheese board...for $75 beans. Undeniable in terms of quality but I suppose that is one of the rubs. But I suppose that is a subject for another time.

                I head back out to Las Vegas in October so I may give it another try. But like I have ranted before, probably one too many times for some, when we as tourists come to Vegas we want to know what we eat will thrill us as opposed to frustrating us. And Batali and Co. have certainly left me shaking my head several times. All the best and thanks again.

          2. Want to feel like "old Vegas" and you are a total celebrity?.....Take at look at Michael's at the SouthPoint.
            Not only is the food exceptional; but this is both an experience and a great, multi-hour dinner.

            1. Lotus of Siam! Wonderful Thai food. Excellent service. And one of, if not the best, German wine lists in the US. And it actually has a very good selection of both wines by the glass and some half bottles!!