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Mr Shrimp. Belmar

Having company from Delaware and we are looking for some good seafood. Does anyone have any feed back on this place? Any other suggestions would be wonderful . Where would you go??

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  1. Good place! We went recently I think there is a post, and really enjoyed it.

    1. where are you located? (I assume somewhere close to belmar but just checking first lol)

      1. There are a couple previous posts on this place but the CH search function has been pretty useless as of late (It couldn't even tag this post.). Mr Shrimp is a good, solid seafood place with attached seafood store.


        A couple other good seafood restaurants (also attached to seafood Markets) are Ray's Seafood Restaurant in Little Silver and the Navesink Seafood Fishery just outside Atlantic Highlands off Rt. 36.


        Navesink Fishery:

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        1. Definitely go to Mr. Shrimp....good, fresh seafood!

          1. I was there two weeks ago and had the ipswich clams, and they were really good. It's a byob also. and it's always nice and clean!

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              They're one of the few places in Jersey where you can get Ipswich or soft shell clams regularly.

            2. Mr. Shrimp is delicious I totally recommend it!

              1. Mark how would you compare Mr s to navesink?

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                  Mr Shrimp seems a bit more casual, more brightly lit and has a somewhat greater selection if a bit more simply prepared. Navesink Cafe is somewhat more upscale with a little more of a creative flair coming out of the kitchen. They are both well worth a visit.

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                    Made a reservation at Mr. S., right in town . Will report back thanks all....

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                    Johnny, I've been to both of late. I've probably 'shut down' Navesink as a place to go to have fish though. Their pricing is reasonable, one gets a decent cut of fish and what's my problem? No flavor. No sauce. It's bland.

                    Mr. Shrimp is a bit closer and I find it to be a bit better on the 'finish'. Hell, I had a wonderful tasting haddock platter just last week at Burlews up in Keyport.

                    One needs to up their game on their prep.

                    1. re: ParadiseWaits

                      paridisewaits thanx for the honest review .......
                      "bland" is a red flagg for my tastes its pretty much the norm on fish places..but there's a few gems out there if the chef knows what he's doin........like seafood places I've been to in New Orleans..

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                        Paradise...try the snapper at kunya siam....seriously get there

                        1. re: corvette johnny

                          Thanks Johnny. I was there in early spring doing a small job in Nave-A-Sink :-) and did a light lunch there. Will definitely give this dish a go when I'm there again.

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                          Did mr Shrimp Saturday and it was great!!! I had the flounder Francaise, D H had pesto pasta with scallops and shrimp, friend had the Chilean sea bass with a tapanade sauce and other friend had just a simple sautéed flounder . All great. And we will go back! Thanks for the suggestion

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                            We were there last nite with my Mom whose in from FL. Took a long summers nap (yesterday's humidity s*cked) and didn't make a reservation. Waited nearly 90 minutes, though we did take her to Bar A for some cold beeerz and peanuts ;-).

                            Wifey's Flounder Francaise was good for her (I patiently slow heat up these leftovers as I write). I ordered the Halibut Dayana (special) which had a nice sized filet sitting atop mashed potatoes, arugala and diced tomato & capers with assorted shellfish (shrimp, littlenecks, mussels). Dish description had it being in a garlic wine sauce, but I believe they just ladled in the broth the clams were cooked in as it was a bit salty as I finished up the bottom of my plate. A tasty dish still, though.