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Pittsburgh foodies: ISO pre show eats near Heinz Hall

Heading to the Bill Maher show 8:00pm on Jul. 26. Can any 'burgh area hounds advise a good place for pre show eats close to Heinz Hall?

Fancy or casual works... timing/parking and good food most important.

Any suggestions? (Go Steelers!)

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  1. meat and potatoes, grit & grace, butcher and the rye, proper brick oven, il pizz and siena sulla in market square. If you like casual turkish, I think alihan is pretty good.

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    1. re: yammers

      yammers thank you very much for the feedback.

      I like Proper Brick oven, but no res means that probably won't work pre show.

      I'm leaning toward M&P. Any must haves on that menu?

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        they have great cocktails! if you want something simple they always have infused vodkas which are fun.

        devils on a horseback, poutine, fried taters, bone marrow (it's HUGE), tartare are great apps. I think the flatbreads are just too heavy, but other people seem to like them.

        I like the pork belly tacos, pork chop and lamb burger for more substantial. To be honest M&P leans towards heavy so usually my group orders a bunch of apps to share because we are usually going out after.

        Hope this helps!

    2. Six Penn or Il Pizzaiolo

      1. I agree with yammers - meat & potatoes, grit & grace (both are excellent). I'm going to Six Penn before the show myself :)

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          Thanks yammers, Effort and burghgal for the suggestions. Wasn't able to get in at M & P or Butcher. I have a res at Six Penn.

          Everything looks quite nice... any "must haves" on that menu?

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            I haven't eaten there in a few years so I'm sure a lot has changed. I got Mac & Cheese as an entree and I was underwhelmed. It was a meal at the time and not a side.

            I'm going to give it another shot and hopefully it will be better :)

        2. also you can eat at the bar at Meat and Potatoes but you have to get there the minute they open the doors. There's usually a line..

          1. honestly I have never had a particularly good meal there. It always looks good on the menu and then I think it falls short. what about nine on nine, vallozi or grit?

            1. or sienna sulla in market square?

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                Yeah... read some reviews re: Six Penn and they were kinda all over the place. Since we are coming in from a long way (Toronto area) I really need to have a reservation somewhere. Butcher offered only bar seating, and I thought we might want a little more room after the drive.
                Re: Sienna, looks very Italian (not a bad thing, but we have lots of that in T.O.) and not a big fan of Asian (Grit) At this point, reservations are filling up everywhere for Sat. night as would be expected. Will probably stay with Six Penn and hope we catch them on a good night.
                Thanks to all!

              2. Just a quick followup:

                Had a very good dinner at Six Penn Kitchen, Pork chop was delicious and so was the Pork Shank. Sides were good as well. Casual, friendly service was efficient and speedy. Good value for the price, IMO.

                Parking was a bit of a nightmare due to the huge country music show at PNC Park (I had NO idea) the first 3 garages we found were all full. But I managed to find a small lot about a block away for $20. Not sure if that's alot in Pittsburgh, but it's a bargain on an "event night" in downtown Toronto - so all good. Had a nice walk around the district before the rain forced us inside beautiful Heinz Hall.

                Thanks again to all for the suggestions. burghgal, hope you enjoyed your dinner and the show.

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                  Dinner was ok. It's not on my favorite list. I had the duck breast and forgot what the greenish/brown stuff was on my plate. I asked the server and he said mole sauce... it was confit lentils. Service was slow. Parking was a nightmare. I had no idea people going to the country concert across the bridge would park near Heinz Hall and crowd the restaurant. Noise level was bad. I did get in the lot across the street from Heinz for only $8/flat rate. I shoved my car somewhere probably where it wasn't supposed to be haha. Now I know Butcher and Rye is across the street, that's on my list to try. Hope you enjoyed the show. He was hilarious as always.

                  1. re: burghgal

                    Sorry to hear your experience didn't mirror ours...

                    Perhaps it was because we got there a little earlier? (6pm)

                    The place was busy, but we had a (large) table downstairs and our service (as mentioned) was fast. Re: noise, I just assumed it was always kind of a busy, hustle bustle kind of place. It did not inhibit conversation though...

                    Thought about the duck, asked about the Pork Chop as well and our server recommended the Pork Chop. I was not disappointed. Med rare, with a real smokey flavor that was offset by a plum reduction sauce (not oversauced, which was welcome) My DC really enjoyed the Pork Shank, it was alot, but had real good flavour with some nice crispy bits. She described the flavors as "authentic" (she is German) I thought it was quite tasty as well.

                    I would rate our experience at Six Penn a solid 7.5/10.

                    Bill Maher: easily a nine.

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                      I've been to Six Penn a couple of times and was happy with our meal each time, but reviews always seem to be all over the spectrum. That's why I'm always hesitant to recommend it. I will go back though.