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Jul 16, 2014 10:42 AM

El Chile and La Barbeque - Must visit!!

El Chile

Have visited this restaurant 3 times over the past 8 years.

First the drinks. The El chilango margarita is outstanding. A blood orange looking drink with a solid amount of tequila and a spicy pepper rim. Made to perfection each time with no swing in quality. A must have if you come here.

The Chile Relleno was just the right amount of spicy. Easily could distinguish the complex taste that resulted from the combination of the pepper, the ranchero sauce and the achiote pork. Delicious!

The enchiladas verdes were also very good. Good crunch on the enchilada, deliciously rich verde sauce and solid rice and beans.

Cool patio, near downtown and good consistent food.

La Barbeque

Cool place, live music every day, killer brisket.
We had to wain in line for around 40 minutes. Unfortunately, I cannot review the pork or beef ribs. I can review the 3 sides (slaw, potatoes, beans), the pulled pork and the brisket.

The sides are fantastic. The slaw had a nice spicy heat and was not overly creamy. Very good. The beans had some brisket pieces in it but was a little too heavy on the black pepper. The potatoes were good but again, I felt a little bit peppery.

The pulled pork was delicious, moist and not fatty. Very good smoke taste, seemed to have a nice finishing sauce but nothing to overpower the taste of the pork.

The brisket was ... I dont know I dont have words. I didnt know you could do that to a piece of meat .I had brisket at Blacky, Kruez, etc and nothing came close to perfect this brisket was prepared. It melted in your mouth like butter. My wife doesnt like brisket but even she couldnt stop eating it.

Must visit, Get there early and tell me about the ribs!

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  1. I'm not a big eater but I can easily put away a half pound of La BBQ's brisket. We usually hit La BBQ on our way in from the airport (I'm from out of town) and both ribs are always gone. Maybe someday.

    Where is El Chile located?

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    1. re: suburban_mom

      El Chile is on South 1st St. between Barton Springs Rd. and Oltorf.

      1. re: crippstom

        Is that a new one? I remember the one on Manor Rd.

        1. re: suburban_mom

          I have always gone to the one on Manor Rd. Its the original. I have never been to the other location.

          1. re: kedda

            I like El Chilito, too. Good for a quick taco and a beer or coffee, depending on the time of day.

        2. The pork ribs at La Barbecue are a work of art.

          1. I'm glad to hear El Chile getting a good review again. It was highly regarded when I moved here and then over the next couple years it seemed nobody ever had anything good to say about it. I think they must've over-extended themselves opening too many restaurants (which I guess they must've gotten under control, as they still have quite a few).

            That said, I never had a bad experience there. The relleno was my go-to... delicious every time. I had great experiences with both kinds of chilaquiles at brunch, and their salsa is pretty much like crack... I also love the chilango margarita and their michelada (a bit unique).

            Been too long! I'm gonna go back...