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Jul 16, 2014 10:38 AM

Help with Long Beach Downtown Bar for Birthday

Good morning Chowhounders!

I am looking for a nice bar in Long Beach to go grab a drink with friends & family for my Birthday.
Somewhere fun and happening - doesn't have to be really upscale, but not ghetto either LOL

We are doing a Stay-cation at the Renaissance so somewhere within walking distance would be great.

I was thinking Sevilla would be nice to dance & drink but the reviews are horrible...
The Renaissance has SIP Lounge... but don't want somewhere dead on a Saturday night... so don't know if its a good place or not...

Any help would be greatly appreciate it!

Thanks a million!

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  1. bumping this up... really need some advise... not familiar with bars in Long Beach :)

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Beachwood for BBQ and craft beers

      1. Just walk over to Pine Ave. Tons of bars and clubs

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          Thanks Ogawak, not really looking for BBQ though and it looks to be a restaurant, Not A Bar ... I need to find just a cool bar that's fun and happening...

          Coribdx, I need to have a bar in mind so I can invite my guests... I can't just tell them to meet me at the corner and we'll walk around and see...
          If I was going just because that'd be perfect :) but its a birthday get together, so I need to narrow it down to one bar call and reserve a table etc.

          Any ideas??