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Jul 16, 2014 09:59 AM

Healthy Food Downtown

Been trying to eat either vegetarian (Kupfert and Kim) or if i am eating meat I don't want to be eating in factory farmed stuff.
Anyone have any reco's on anything downtown in the core for takeout???

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    1. Urban Herbivore good option for something quick. Just try to ignore the fact that it is in a food court.

      Aroma is another good option.

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      1. re: JennaBean

        Isn't Urban Herbivore in Kensington Market?

        There's also Ma Ve Me, Rose City Kitchen, and Sadie's Diner.

        1. re: kwass

          there is one in the eatons centre food court on the dundas side.

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            Analysis of Urban Herbivore salad bowl

            Analysis of Urban Herbivore muffie

            Analysis of Kupfert & Kim Oaxaca lunch bowl

            I find Me Va Me so salty.

            I'd been getting the vegetarian sandwich at Aroma (eggplant, tomato, tahini, hard boiled egg, pickle), which seemed fairly virtuous, and more virtuous saltwise than their turkey club, but even half a veg sandwich has over 600 mg sodium, according to Aroma's nutrition chart, so a whole 650 calorie sandwich, which is how much I'd want to eat if I was hungry, provides over 1200 mg of sodium, when most people are supposed to keep their sodium between 1500 and 2300 mg/day.

            Does anyone have recs for healthy food downtown that isn't salt-heavy?

            Further uptown, I like Tabule, especially their fried eggplant (which is not greasy), cauliflower with tahini, mejadra, chicken shish, but I still find their food on the saltier side (but not nearly as salty as Me Va Me, where I end up waking up to guzzle water in the middle of the night) , judging by the way my ring feels tighter the next morning.

            1. re: prima

              You can try IQ, one location under TD Centre and one at Bay and Wellington.

              Brickstreet Bakery has a grilled veggie sandwich I get regularly.

              The health food store under BMO in the 'market' has vegan options with salad, or you can build your own from cold salads as well (there is quinoa salad, tofu and veg salads etc …)

              1. re: xsparkx

                +1 for IQ food. Friends who are into healthy eating swear by it. Even I enjoyed my meal the few times I have tried them.

        2. Belmonte Raw just opened in the Exchange Tower yesterday.

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          1. re: Wino In Training

            And Crave opened in the Richmond Adelaide Centre about a week ago - take out only.