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Jul 16, 2014 09:01 AM

would like restaurants near the wyndham grand on the riverfront

staying in chicago for 5 days and would like suggestions for lunch and dinner. would prefer to do ethnic dining and not too expensive. is there anything interesting in the area

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  1. There was a question earlier today about dining options within walking distance of the Langham, which is right across the river from the Wyndham Grand. All the recommendations posted in that discussion, which include numerous affordable options as well as ethnic dining spots, would apply equally to staying at the Wyndham Grand:

    August Long weekend restaurant suggestions -

    Similarly, this topic from the past couple of days inquired about moderately-priced dining near the Sheraton, which is a couple of blocks east, so those recommendations would also apply to the Wyndham Grand:

    Any Neighborhood joints near the Sheraton on E North Water St.? -