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Jul 16, 2014 07:45 AM

kosher in Price Chopper, Great Barrington

does anyone know if they sell anything more than Sabra salads and kosher cheese?

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  1. They have a few frozen items such as potato knishes and the typical items that you would find in a typical supermarket kosher aisle. The Big Y supermarket on Main Street in Great Barrington had a table with challahs, rolls (from. Zomicks) and some pareve cookies/ cakes (Greens). What surprised me the most was the kosher frozen pizza.

    1. An hour and a half away, just west of Albany, there's a full-service kosher store inside the Price Chopper on Central Avenue in Colonie. Full butcher and fish counters, everything else, too, supervised by the Vaad of Albany. Don't know if that helps you at all, but it's worth mentioning.

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        Hopefully it will help the OP but we don't have an oven or stove (just a microwave and fridge).

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          thanks. just a microwave and fridge, without a tiny freezer. will stick with what I brought with me.

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          Does anyone know if there is much kosher food ,as well as kosher pareve and hamburger /hot dog rolls in the Price Chopper in Lake George? Thanks.

        3. Last time I was there (early July 2014) the Price Chopper in Great Barrington had both Empire chicken and Teva angus beef -- both astonishingly cheaper than it was at Fairway in manhattan.

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            It shouldn't be astonishing that it was cheaper than Fairway in Manhattan.

            #1 Price Chopper is a larger supermarket chain than Fairway and carries these products in a number of their locations.

            #2 The rent per square foot in Great Barrington is a mere fraction of the rent in Manhattan.

            #3 Price Chopper has to compete with other supermarket chains. You can buy Empire at Shaw's, Hannaford's, Stop and Shop, Big Y, Trader Joe's and others in Massachusetts. The price has to be in line.