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Jul 16, 2014 07:40 AM

Private room rec - near 42 & 9, Italian, for 60th anniv. party

I'm looking for a private room for a 60th anniversary party for my in-laws. Preferably Italian food… good Italian food. We want it to be nice but not over the top (they're not into 5 star dining). 11 people. Barbetta is one option - thoughts?

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    1. re: peter j

      Sounds great but crazy minimum (5-6k Sat night!) and they're not big fish eaters. (I'd love it…)

      1. re: BonVivantNYC

        If you're willing to consider an uptown location, try Lincoln. I believe that their f/b minimum is much lower.

    2. How about Il Punto? It's been a couple years, but they did a great job with our party of 10-12. Good food, excellent service. We didn't have a separate room, but I see from their website that they have two "intimate party rooms." Good luck!

      1. Are you flexible on location? That area is more focused on the theater crowd and times square visitors....
        Felidia is excellent and has a smaller private dining room

          1. Check out Crispo. They don't have a private room, but they have a nice alcove that could probably fit 11.

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            1. re: RussianGirl

              Do you mean the garden or some other place?

              1. re: Pan

                No, there's an alcove inside the restaurant - about midway, on the right (as you're walking from the front). I had a nice family dinner there and there were about 10 of us.

                1. re: RussianGirl

                  I don't think I've ever seen that space. Good to know! Did they require a prix fixe from the group?

                  1. re: Pan

                    Not when I was there which, admittedly, was in 2007.

                    1. re: RussianGirl

                      I'm not referring to the alcove. We booked a private room upstairs that overlooks the garden. It was very "private" and spills out into the wine room which was lovely for cocktails and pictures. And yes, they require a prix fixe and a small room fee.

                      1. re: BonVivantNYC

                        May I ask how much? I've never had a large enough gathering there that I required a reservation in a private room, but I might want to do that someday.