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Jul 16, 2014 06:35 AM

Portland grub crawl--last stop(s)?

Heading down to Maine next month to stay on one of the islands in Casco Bay. For our grownups nite on the town, a half dozen of us plan to hit Eventide first (love this place!), then Duckfat (I know about the crowds at both; will get an early start). The question is where to go next for dessert & a nightcap? Could be one or two more stops. The only requirement is that it needs be relatively close to the ferry lest we get stranded.
Thx for any ideas...

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  1. Staying in the Old Port, I would try to squeeze Central Provisions in early (5 ish, no reservations)/Hunt and Alpine (4 -6pm happy hour with some nice small plates) along with Eventide somewhere in there. Boones has a 10pm-midnight happy hour. I might save Duckfat till the end - a great milkshake for the boat ride back.