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Jul 16, 2014 06:30 AM

Languedoc's Terrasses du Larzac region gains AOC status

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  1. Ah, those Fench, they'll plant grapes anywhere. Even on those dry causses where graze the sheep whose rich milk makes the marvelous Roquefort cheese I enjoy twice daily.

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    1. re: collioure

      And apparently the Syrah-Grenache-Mourvedre grapes grow well in these high altitude Cevennes vineyards. Some of these wines are presented at this year's fall supermarket sales at prices of 10-to-20 euros alongside a slug of Mediterranean red blends at much lower prices.

      The appellation includes St. Saturnin and Montpeyroux.

      1. re: collioure

        Discovered this, did you, since your initial post? ;^) Montpeyroux has long been the source for many of my favorite wines from Languedoc, along with (the much easier to find) Corbières farther to the west.

        1. re: zin1953

          Jason, before my tastes gravitated toward less tannic wines, I bought some Corbières, but somehow I have not gotten into Languedoc wines. Instead I have focused on the improving vintners here in Roussillon.

          1. re: zin1953

            One appellation of Languedoc that does interest me is Malepère. I have always enjoyed blends of Bordeaux and Mediterranean red grapes.

      2. When Leclerc did not have either the Corbières they had featured or a well-rated Coteaux de Languedoc (Roussanne-Marsanne-Viognier for paella or fideua) today, I bought a bottle of Terrasses du Larzac 2012 Château la Sauvageonne Cuvée Les Ruffes for 8.50€ ($11) instead.

        Also picked up some long sought after Cabardès with Bordeaux and Mediterranean grapes. Ideal with lamb.

        Will report back when I open them.