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Jul 16, 2014 06:13 AM

Knoxville/Nashville Trip Report

We recently spent a longish weekend, flying into Knoxville to see a show, and then driving to Nashville and spending a few nights there.

Tupelo Honey in Knoxville is great - at least it was for breakfast, which was the meal we had there.

Dead End BBQ didn't move us - we went for lunch, and some of the 'cue tasted as if it was yesterday's. Sides were good.

But the absolute best for us was Knox Mason. A restaurant that could easily make it in NYC (though they'd have to charge a lot more!), we thoroughly enjoyed KM...not to be missed.

Nashville had some good highlights too. And another show at the fabulous Ryman. We tried 3 bbq joints: Martin's, Jim 'N Nicks and Edley's, with our favorite being Edley's.

Great coffee abounds. Both Crema and Barista Parlor were aces.

Highlight was Husk, Sean's 2nd location of his nationally acclaimed Charleston restaurant. It was great, and deserving of the accolades.

Full report with pix...

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  1. Really liked the full report. We hit the area a couple of times a year. I will make sure we keep your recommendations.

    1. The sausages at DE BBQ are very good but little else was better than okay.