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Zucchini blossoms (squash blossoms) in GTA

Craving this summer delicacy. Any menus featuring these Italian-style fried stuffed flowers (preferably not dripping in grease)? (Or other recipes or traditions?) If you see any at the farmers' market, let me know. There are some amazing recipes out there.

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  1. They had them at Nathan Phillips market last Wednesday. Not cheap, $5.95 for a pint. They also had them on the specials menu at Il Fornello last weekend, with buffalo moz and anchovies I believe... should have ordered that instead of my lame pasta entree (was trying them out for the first time in 10+ years as a local kid-friendly option. Our rhubarb and ricotta app was actually pretty good).

    1. I saw them at North York Civic Centre Farmers market last week as well.

      1. We just had them on Saturday as a special at Chantecler - no idea if they will be still available though.

        1. I saw them at St. Lawrence Market (north) on the weekend. One of the outdoor stalls.

          1. 7 numbers usually puts them on the menu in season, I find their version just OK

            Cookstown Greens usually has blossoms at their market booths at this time of year, I've bought them twice so far. Home cooked is so much better than any restaurant seems to be able to pull off.

            1. I saw them for sale at Lanzarotta's (wholesaler with a small retail front on lakeshore w/ of dixie) earlier this week.

              1. I think Sao Kan Road has this on their menu

                1. at the david pecault farmer's market at a couple stalls for $5

                  1. I've never been able to identify any taste from these, just the taste and texture of the filling and batter. They sure do look pretty though.

                    Am I alone on this?

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                      I find it's almost a fragrance (I know, smell is the main influencer of taste) - but they actually taste as if the flavour occurs at the back of the roof of the mouth, where it joins the nasal cavity.
                      But very mild.
                      Also saw them a week ago at Fiesta Farms.

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                        You are not alone.
                        I don't get it either.

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                          To me they taste like a milder zucchini without the texture. I just stirfry them with garlic and a splash of white wine. Also got them fresh from Nathan Phillips market.

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                            Thanks for the tips.
                            Every time I had it in the restaurant, it's battered and deep-fried.

                      2. The new and ever-changing Sparrow on Bloor West has zucchini blossoms on their new summer menu.

                        1. I just tried pickling some in rice vinegar and sugar for a dinner party on Friday. I'll let you know how they turn out! :)

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                            Oh my these are delicious. I just posted on home cooking to see if I could do a few jars of them! I highly reccomend it and will post the recipe if anyone is interested! :)

                          2. The Gabardine seems to have them. Niagara Gold stuffed zucchini blossoms, sweet pea salad, radish and green goddess dressing.

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                              North York Civic Centre Farmer's Market. The Second stall on the North side has them today.