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Jul 16, 2014 05:51 AM

Kate's Buttermilk

The Somerville Market Basket has not had any Kate's Buttermilk in stock for over a month. Has anyone seen this product recently, preferably on this side of the river?

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  1. I saw it at the Shaw's at Twin City Plaza, but they have just changed over to Star Market over the past few days and have made some changes to their inventory. If I get there today, I'll look for you.

    1. I saw it at the Burlington MB about a week and a half ago.

      1. We find it regularly at the Beacon Street Star Market

        1. Saw your post earlier & run, don't walk, back to MB if you can. There were seven bottles about 15 minutes ago! I haven't seen it anywhere else - strange gap in WF's dairy section.

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          1. re: pocketviking

            I've never seen it at WF. Have you?

            1. re: Madrid

              No, and it's puzzling since all Camberville branches carry Kate's butter and if I'm remembering correctly only Garelick and another so-so buttermilk.

          2. It's there at the Star market- formerly Shaws- at Twin City Plaza.