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Jul 16, 2014 05:46 AM

Caribbean Cookbook

I am interested in recommendations for Caribbean cookbooks, and so would appreciate the advice of Chowhound readers. Thanks.

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  1. I cannot recommend a given book, but I can suggest that if you have local library, see if such books are available to be taken out. If not, and the library is a member of an interlibrary loan system, request some books so that you can look them over.

    I assume that many of the recipes will have hot peppers in the ingredient list?

    1. I like the Naparima Girls Trinidad cookbook. But it's only Trini, not "Caribbean".

      The advice about going to the library is a great idea! You could look at books from all different cuisines from the Caribbean.

      1. Maybe Rousseau and Rousseau, Caribbean Potluck? I heard them interviewed here:

        1. When I came back from Jamaica I bought the book "Authentic Recipes from Jamaica" by John DeMers. From what I've made so far it's a good book that renders pretty close Jamaican results. The only issue is sometimes sourcing ingredients (I don't think that many people have saltfish lying around).