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Jul 16, 2014 05:24 AM

Urbanspoon erasing thousands of Photo's from long time Prime user's ???

A email sent to IAC parent company,,,, ENJOY

The new team at Urbanspoon has lead to the departure of many and the removal of thousands of Photo's and many will soon removing thousands of there reviews from the last 4-5 years. The seems to be a witch hunt placed on the heads of the long time Prime members by BEN at Urbanspoon and his boss Keela. The have removed 1700 plus of my photo's and those of select primes. Many have stopped posting reviews and photo's because of this over the last month.

I assure you will see a major reduction in you page hits which means ad dollars under this new take control and knowing how to piss folks off. Many of us are older folk that spend thousands of dollars helping your site by eating, reviewing and posting photo's. Ben had pulled all my ranking a few weeks ago as the number one in Detroit and then this past weekend had his team remove half my photo's. This info needs to get into the hands of those concerned and DOUG LEEDS CEO of Ask.com who heads up Urbanspoon. I really need someone to contact me on this issue prior to removing everything I've contributed over the years and then recommend hundreds of other users do the same. NOTE here's Facebook link for you users to vent https://www.facebook.com/pages/Urbans...

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  1. ALPOE-> are you the U.S. Prime User or are you passing this along from a source?
    Some of the details are unclear.

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    1. re: Kris in Beijing

      A long time Prime Member of 4 plus years,,, it's ME and many others that have been targeted by the new Management Team starting 2 months ago,,, any other questions I'll be happy to answer

    2. contact them..posting here wont help

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      1. re: kpaxonite

        I posted here because many users are also Urbanspoon members as I've also been a long time member of this group,, the parent company will not respond so I'm taking this to the web on many sites. Why waste your time reviewing and placing photo's on a site when they;ll be removed. This is a head's up so no one will waste there time.

      2. As an Urbanspoon user since 2009 (and Prime for the past two years), I can vouch for the fact that the site has completely gone off the rails since the arrival of Mr. Haley (the BEN mentioned above) on the scene earlier this year.
        To my knowledge only a couple people had ever been stripped of their prime status previously, that number has increased substantially as he has arbitrarily censured long-time, highly active contributors to the site. The noticeable result has been a pronounced decrease in the number and quality of review/photo content, even though the administration has promoted the mass uploading of third-party and promotional photos.
        As with any business dependent on crowdsourcing, active user involvement is critical to a successful business plan. Urbanspoon is not equipped with the staff or resources to monitor/update the myriad of changes happening daily in the restaurant scene. In the past, I had seen the site function quite effectively (and nearly rival yelp) in my city. Sadly, that is no longer the case, the pages seem more populated with the "single review complainers" that would be filtered on yelp.
        Participation in the "prime lounge" message board also appears to be at an all-time low, perhaps driven by the perception that complaints/suggestions about the direction of the site will not be tolerated.