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Jul 16, 2014 05:18 AM

Fresh(ly) made pork stock?

Anyone know of any locations that sell pork stock that has been made in house or locally? I wanted to use something better than your normal canned/boxed store bought stock and just don't have the time to make some myself. I check with Heartland yesterday as I remember seeing it there, but they said they haven't had a whole pig in awhile. Any suggestions as to where to find some around town?

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  1. Try Seward Coop. Call ahead. They often have varying frozen stocks.

    1. Clancey's usually has a few different kinds of stock in their freezer case (so maybe that doesn't count as "fresh," but it is made in-house).

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        Well most of them are going to be frozen, so yeah that does count. Never been to Clancey's... will have to check that place out.