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Jul 16, 2014 04:01 AM

Four Sisters Grill (Clarendon)

While browsing Clarendon Boulevard yesterday looking for that new Nicecream place that makes ice cream on the spot with a Kitchen Aid mixer and a shot of liquid nitrogen, I noticed the new Four Sisters Kitchen. I always enjoyed the original Four Sisters in Eden Center and have only been to the new place on Gallows Road near Lee Highway a time or two because it's not all that convenient.

The Four Sisters Grill is the same four sisters, but it's a casual order-at-the-counter place. Grilled pork, chicken, beef, and shrimp on rice and noodles, mostly in the $9-10 range, a short list of bank mi for $6.25, and spring rolls, garden rolls, and papaya salad for appetizers.

I already had lunch when I spotted the place so I didn't try anything, but it's probably pretty good, at Clarendon rather than Eden Center prices. On Clarendon Blvd between Highland and Garfield streets.

Since I haven't noticed any mention of it here, I just thought I'd post a heads-up. Live, on-the-scene reports would be welcome.

Oh, and I didn't try the Nicecream. I was curious about the process, but at five bucks for a "small" I wasn't that curious as to how it came out.

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  1. Four Sisters Grill is not as fast as ShopHouse (the Asian Chipotle), but it is still very quick and miles better. It is aiming at the quick lunch crowd, and it serves that crowd well.

    1. I stop by the 4 Sisters in Merriefield for a quick lunch fairly frequently and their #19 Seafood Soup with white noodle is a bargain for just $10. #24 yellow egg noodles with shrimp wontons is pretty good too, it is only $9 but I like #19 better. Both are good, though.
      And the garage nearby has 7 free chargers for electric cars, which is pretty cool as well.

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        I like the caramelized tofu with lemongrass and chili in a clay pot. For $12, it doesn't look like much, but I actually couldn't finish it (the pot was deeper than I thought!). I wasn't crazy about the rice crepes, though.

        1. re: VaPaula

          I like just about anything caramelized in the clay pots. I even had carp served that way in Saigon and it was delicious!

      2. Hubby and I had a really nice meal there the other night. I had a beef bahn mi, he had pork noodles and we had garden rolls and spring rolls, I thought it was big portions, I took half my sandwich home. I thought the flavor was excellent and it was nice to have right in Clarendon. We commented that there were lots of people we didn't see as the type who would go to the Eden Center who seemed to be enjoying the place.