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Jul 16, 2014 12:33 AM

Book Club

I'm looking for a venue to hold a book club meeting/mixer. Preferably a coffee shop that has the space and not overly crowed always.

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  1. What area of L.A.? If West L.A. would work then I'd check with Lenny's Deli. They have that glassed in separate room at the back of their dining room that is often used for events that sound a lot like yours.

    1. since restaurants and coffee shops are in the business of selling food,
      how many people would be coming?
      how much time will you need the space?
      what type of food and drink will your be buying?
      how much money do you intend to be spending for the food, the space, and the service?

      i'd look into booking the public room at my local public library. the library's purpose is to foster book-reading. a restaurant's purpose is to make a profit from selling food and drink.

      1. Angel city brewery has massive artsy space + beer > coffee (and they have that too). Just off subway in arts district dtla