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Austin Hounds' NOLA recommendations for a 20th anny

En route back from a family vacay in 'Bama (geesh royal reds are awesome!) we're doing part of our 20th anny in NOLA. Can any of you trusted and always appreciated souls give me a price no object (low or high) favorite ?, it will embarrassingly be our first time (you haven't been to jazz fest?, I know, right?).

I was thinking of John Besh's August for a dinner and Cochon's for some cured stuff. I will be there Saturday for lunch, dinner, and sunday breakfast (is cafe du monde all it's cracked up to be?).

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  1. August and Cochon are the places my friend who lives in NOLA recommends and the places we tried to go to when I visited. Due to poor planning, we couldn't get reservations for August for the day we needed and Cochon was closed (if I remember correctly). I wish I could comment on the food.

    Cafe du Monde has a take-out window, so you can just see what the place looks like, grab some beignets and go do something else.

    1. Spent most of my summers there. Going back for Halloween this year.

      August! 100%

      I love Cafe du Monde. It may be a warm fuzzy for me, but I love the hot, fluffy pastry with a cup of chicory coffee and sitting and people watching. Best late at night. Yes, it's a tourist trap, but one of the "good ones". You can get them at Morning Call as well (more of a local joint).

      Coquette is on my list for lunch. Galatoire's Friday lunch always a tradition. Willie Mae's is gramma's cookin', but you have to get there early - it's like Franklin's here.

      No jacket required at Coop's Place. Seafood Gumbo (dark roux) lots of goodies - okra, shrimp, crab claws and oysters. The jambalaya is rabbit, smoked pork sausage, shrimp and tasso ham.

      There's a new sandwich/po-boy place that's getting some love, but I can't remember the name right now.

      This'll probably get moved over to the NOLA board, where you'll get closer to home advice.

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        Yes to Cochon and Galatoire's. Commander's Palace is so good and so classy. Johnny's Poor Boys. Go there before or after Louisiana Music Factory-the world's coolest record store. Charcoal grilled oysters at Drago's are the best thing I ever ate. Cannoli at Angelo Bracato. Trout amandine at Arnaud's, formerly the best thing I ever ate. : )
        God I love New Orleans.

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          I started to say Commander's Palace, too, but I've heard some VERY bad reviews lately.

      2. Scrumptious Chef has been residing there of late. He generally has his thumb on the pulse of wherever he is. He may be able to offer some more recent info.

        1. August....is my favourite place in the world outside Uchiko. it has a magical feel to it and a class to it that is above others.
          There are some others that are louded as oh so impressive but August is it.
          Also the beignets at Cafe Benignet behind the police station on Royal are the best in the city...and there is an amazing romantic bakery on Ursline that has a sweet little court yard...that had a bunch of couples sharing these amazing pastries that made me think one day I am soooo coming back here with someone besides mom and dad.

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            +1 for August.

            Former chowhound scrumptiouschef seems to have parked himself in New Orleans lately if you want to check out his website

          2. Mother's. I think it's near the Harrah's casino, if that's still there.

            1. are you going to have the miniatures with you? if so put Michaul’s on your list it is a dance hall.. kind of cheesy ... but lots of fun.. cajun music and food dance lessons wooden floors the whole bit

              1. I would go to Elizabeth's for brunch. Duck waffles, praline bacon, eggs Florentine topped with fried oysters. It's just decadent.

                I think Cafe Du Monde is more fun for a midnight snack or dessert (it's open 24 hours) than brunch or breakfast. It's good, but it's only fried dough.

                1. Well, thanks y'all. My poor planning and the need to scootch out before noon on Sunday left us SOL at August - clearly one must make reservations long in advance. We were on the wait list but didn't get the call. So we happened by a line at Irene's and waited an hour for one of the better meals we've had in a good while. lamb chops, soft shell crab (not frozen), crab au gratin, melon / ham were all very good. what luck. next morning (sunday) we were at du Monde at 7 am and loved it. Brunched at Surrey's. Bottom line is I need to spend many many more weekends in NOLA. Oh and the french market inn, and its resident cat Patrick, were notably fun. I'll go back for all the other rec's with better planning.

                  And if Irene's is considered a mid-level spot, I can only imagine how good the best are. geesh. what a town. But my GOD how gross that trashy vomitorium smell is that permeates the morning walk thru the french quarter. Magnitude Made well evident by the hose trucks washing the entire region down early on a sunday morn. nasty. love the massive party though.