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Jul 15, 2014 10:29 PM

Home made salad dressing that lasts

Can you please share the recipes of home made salad dressings that can be made on Sunday and safely stored in the fridge for a week?
My go to is avocado oil + balsamic vinegar + sale
My latest obsession is feta + anchovies + garlic + soy + avocado oil + lemon
BUT I am not sure if I can safely store it for a week and I am really looking to make my mid week preparation as minimal as possible
thank you

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  1. refrigerated, a week should be fine. the anchovy (canned?) will flake and the feta will crumble further, but you should be fine.

    1. Lemon juice, touch of honey, a small amount of Dijon mustard, S&P, lots of good evoo, lasts for a couple of weeks.

      1. The acids and salts will keep it fine.

        That said, a dressing made with citrus juice (as opposed to vinegar) will not taste as fresh as on the day it is made; the half-life of the full bouquet of flavors of citrus juice is relatively short.

        1. It's easy ! Just take a packet of Wishbone Salad Dressing Mix and pour it into the handy-little carafe that you got free with your S and H Green Stamps. Next, carefully pour vegetable oil to the first line on the carafe, then pour white vinegar to the second line. Shake well, then pour over your iceberg lettuce, and you're set ! Thanks for the memories Mom....

          1. If each of the ingredients will keep for a week, refrigerated individually, then it will last for a week combined. As hill food said, the feta will sort of disintegrate in the liquid, but it's not unsafe. If you prefer the feta to remain crumbly, keep it in a separate container and add when you toss the salad.

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              Um, no. That isn't why happens when you combine ingredients. They react with each other and can become more or less stable as a result.

              1. re: JudiAU

                Some ingredients, agreed. But ones normally used for dressings?