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Oct 23, 2005 09:13 AM

60's montreal restaurant on decarie?

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..does anyone remember a montreal restaurant on decarie blvd. that was between the 'rib 'n reef' & wawanesa street?..this was possibly in the 60s or early 70s--intend to visit the area soon & was i can't remember the name of this restaurant, or even if it's still there (unlikely?)..any help would be appreciated--thanks in advance, cheers

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  1. There were Miss Montreal and Piazza Tomaso and a few others over the years. P.T. was there for about 30 years.

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      ..thanks for those 2 names from the past (miss montreal & piazza tomasso), but it wasn't either of those; i seem to recall it had large intimate booths, & was rather swanky..anyone?..cheers beega

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        Ah, do you mean Ruby Foo's?

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          ..hello, thanks for the ruby foo's response, but it's not that restaurant either; after speaking to some other folks, we've come to the consensus that it's the restaurant that replaced the replacement to miss montreal (!), so you had the right location the first time with your reply, just a later name to the address which we need..cheers beega

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            are you talking about CHALET BBQ

            it has moved

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              MISS MONTREAL was a wonderful restaurant on Decarie Blvd where they would present a plate of their own home made cole slaw when you sat down at the table. Their cole slaw was the best I have ever had. The Stage Coach Inn was along there too as was the Orange Julip & Ruby Foo's. I recall all these places from the 1960s as they were a minute drive from Hampstead, Mount Royal; etc I presume Miss Montreal is no longer there? Decarie Blvd was restaurant row as La Cienega is to Los Angeles. Not too big; not too small; just the size of Montreal!

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            Piazza Tomasso was a great Italian restaurant on Decarie Blvd where we used to go on my birthday. Anyone remember Magic Tom who used to entertain the kids? He was a clown magician! We moved out of Quebec in 1965 so we would not know what happened to all those great places since.

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              There was Miss Montreal, Piazzo Tomasso, Rib & Reef (still there), Bill Wong's and Ruby Foos. Chalet BBQ was further south and closed about 2 years ago. The Sherbrooke St location is still there.