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Jul 15, 2014 07:15 PM

Who (bakery) makes great fresh cherry pies ?

I'm a big cherries fan. I don't eat pies that often. As I'm enjoying the current bountiful harvest of cherries (picked up 2 large bags of "local" cherries at a green grocer on Fraser/49th yesterday for $1.29/lb !!) I'm also thinking about pies too.

Too lazy to go out and fight traffic to W. Van to Savary Island Pie Co.. Any closer options here in town ?

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  1. Oh I love good cherry - preferably made with sour ones - pies.

    Stongs on Dunbar sells Savary Island pies.
    I've seen sour cherry pies at Whole Foods on occasion - more often at the Kits location. OK when nothing else there (they make them out of season from frozen/preserved cherries).
    Farmer's market Granola King features pies "Her Majesty's Pies" (something like that) - tried their sour cherry and it was too sweetened for me - all the tang character was gone.

    If you want to get some great local cherries (including sours for a brief while - possibly just this week and maybe next, Jobst-Hof cherry growers are at Kerrisdale and Kits markets this coming weekend. Great eating cherries (various incl Bing and Rainier) and sours for pies/bread/muffins/savoury.

    ETA: oops, forgot Tartine's sour cherry pies.

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      What about that place in Chinatown-down on Gore St?

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        The Pie Shoppe? Never had 'em. Just checked their twitter feed - mentions cherry, cherry-vanilla, cherry-buttermilk in recent days.

    2. The Pie Shoppe is probably a good bet. I had a blueberry buttermilk pie from there last week and it was superb.

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        Hadn't thought of Pie Shoppe, admittedly they're not on my radar (yet) when I think of baked goods and pies (guess I'm no Hipster). I know all their pies are made/sold on the same day, so a good bet !

      2. The Pie Hole is mainly a wholesaler however you may be able to pre-order some from their bakery or buy it from one of their retail customers. The web site says the cherry pie is sold out but you might want to check in case that has changed
        Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionary carries their pies and I quite enjoy them.

        1. Aphrodite's on 4th Ave. Their pies are delicious, although I personally can't get past the banana chocolate cream pie.

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            Thanks for all the great ideas ! I'm in Richmond all this week, so I'll have to scope out many of the above suggestions next week and thereafter :-/

            BUT I came across a possible gem today while passing through the Broadmoor area, the Broadmoor Bakery:


            Talked briefly with the gal behind the counter, they've been around for almost 60 years, just under 10 at their current location. They don't have a pure cherry pie, but a cherry+apple pie, an 9" round of golden loveliness for $8.

            That may be what stuffs my piehole for lunch tomorrow :-D

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              The Broadmoor Bakery looks amazingly nostalgic. Next time I trek out for berries I'll surely check it out.

              While you are in Richmond I would recommend going to L'Opera Patisserie

              The croissants are flaky and buttery and are on par if not better then Vancouver's top spots (Beaucoup, Haas, etc). Also, their duck and mushroom pot pie its worthy of the journey to richmond.

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                Thanks for the L'Opera tip ! Looks great. If not this week, I'll definitely keep 'em in mind for future reference. It's hard for me to think up desirable places (if I even know them) to eat in Richmond while I'm there, that are not Asian.

                Yeah Broadmoor was quite nostalgic. Small eccles cakes, butter tarts, all kinds of cookies, tarts and what looked like some very fresh breads and buns. The girl said everything is made from scratch every morning.

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                  L'Opera ..... ooooh, a pinky up-on-the-tea cup-hand kind of place :-)


          2. My money is still on The Pie Shoppe who make lovely pies. They made cherry yesterday. Here's their twitter feed with the daily selection.

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              Do you know whether they're making their cherry pie with sour or sweet cherries? Thanks.

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                Dunno, you'd have to ask them but keep in mind if you really really insist on fresh over frozen that the window for fresh sour cherries is super small compared to other varieties and it may well have come and gone....

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                  Are sour cherries grown commercially in BC? The website mentions Okanagan cherries. I don't know about BC, but in Eastern WA the commercial cherry crop all seems to be sweet, when I get sour cherries they are frozen and from Michigan.

                  Oops, missed Georgia Strait's reply below. Maybe they do have a source for sour!

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                    Farmer's markets are a good bet. No one growing in quantity, just a tree or two here and there.
                    There was a vendor at Granville Island a couple of years ago that had them for a week or so.
                    They are so fragile- I remember getting a bag of them and it was almost jelly by the time I got them home.

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                      Jobst-Hof are the only ones I know of that do. They'll be at Kits and Kerrisdale markets this weekend with a limited supply of sours (just got an email from them confirming this).