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Jul 15, 2014 07:13 PM

Four Days in Vancouver

Hello Vancouver Hounds,

My wife and I will be making a trip to your city in a couple weekends and I was hoping to get some good recommendations for a couple with two very different palettes. I will eat anything and everything and am particularly excited about some good Chinese food, Dim Sum, and seafood, but the wife eats none of that. She sticks to traditionally American and Italian cuisine but appreciates a good meal.

I was hoping to find some good casual Chinese/dim sum places for lunch where I could get something to go and then we could find her something up her alley nearby (food trucks work great for this). Also, any dinner recommendations that might have good seafood with some other options for her would be helpful. Based on this boards recommendations, I locked up a reservation at Farmers Apprentice, but the other three nights are open.

We are staying at L'Hermitage and are willing to pay for good food, but tend to enjoy good, straightforward food made well to white linens with less substance. Any help in finding some options to fit our very different tastes in your city would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I have just a few to throw out at you (rico1919) and I'm sure others will chime in with options for your wife.


    Kirin Restaurant (on Alberni St - 1 km away from L'Hermitage)

    Dinesty (on Robson) - northern Chinese/Shanghainese dim sum, with some Taiwanese offerings thrown in.


    Miku (acclaimed Japanese

    Rodney's Oyster House (Gastown

    Rodney's Oyster House (Yaletown

    Yew Seafood & Bar (W. Georgia St

    Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar (Yaletown

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Excellent! Thank you very much. I had seen Dinesty mentioned on here several times and it was on my list. Those seafood places have me really ready for vacation. Needless to say, there are very few good seafood options here at home in the Cincinnati area.

      1. re: rico1919

        NP :-)

        Those are just some places that comes to mind and that are within the downtown peninsula. Dim sum/Chinese food is no longer really available in our traditional Chinatown as it is fast becoming extinct due to rapid re-development, a takeover by Hipsters, and the re-emergence of Chinatown in the suburb of Richmond (south of Vancouver proper and the airport). With a population of > 50% Chinese/Asians, Richmond would be the mecca for all good eats Chinese.

        IF schedule allows, a weekend (Fri-Sun) evening drop-in at the Richmond Night Market would be an eye-opening experience:

        Richmond (and Night Market) is directly accessible via the Canada Line rapid transit system that connects with Vancouver downtown and the airport.

        1. re: LotusRapper

          I had seen the night market mentioned somewhere else and was considering it, but reviews seemed to be a bit mixed about quality of food, long lines, etc. It looks from those articles though like I may be up for a trip out there one evening. Thanks again for all the recommendations!

    2. Here are some additional places for you to consider while in Vancouver.
      Modern Chinese with Great Cocktails:
      -Bao Bei in Chinatown
      -Bambuddha in Gastown


      Food Trucks: I suggest downloading the Street Food App so that you can easily see which trucks are open are where they are. Here would be my picks for the food trucks.
      -Fish Tacos at Tacofino (Dunsmuir & Burrard)
      -Wraps at Mangal Kiss (Georgia St between Howe & hornby)
      - Chicken Karaage at Mogu (Dunsmuir & Howe)
      - Duck Confit "Philly style" sandwich at Fat Duck (usually at Cordova & Howe)

      If you interested in exploring Japanese Cuisine there's lot of quality eateries to chosen from. There's izakaya, sushi and ramen if you want to try it.

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      1. re: moyenchow

        Great heads up on the street food app! That will definitely come in handy. Always great to get some favorite dishes too, that Philly style duck confit sandwich sounds fantastic. As for Japanese, I would love to try some if you have some favorites. I would lean more toward Ramen and izakaya because there is no way I will get the wife to go to sushi.

        Lotus rapper - she's a pizza, burgers, and fries type of girl. Given the diverse and delicious cuisine that is waiting in Vancouver though, she is going to have to grin and bear it a bit while we hit some different spots. The burgers and fries will be waiting back here at home. Although if you have any tasty bakery or sweet shop recommendations she has a bit of a sweet tooth that might keep her happy while I'm gorging myself on everything else.

        1. re: rico1919

          Well neither of you ought to, nor shall, find any shortage of good foods, sir.

          Some more possibilities, even for both of you. All within a walk or short bus, or SkyTrain ride, if that:

          Meat & Bread

          American Cheesesteak Co.


          Fresh Local Wild - food truck

          Pizza Garden - by the slice

          Nicli Antica Pizzeria

          Stackhouse Burger Bar

          Back Forty

          Bella Gelateria Handcrafted Gelato

          Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe

          Footo Croissant

          Beard Papa's - Japanese international chain of cream puffs

          1. re: LotusRapper

            If you want to be in the club, check out Campagnolo Upstairs on Main for their dirty burger. Limited numbers, available only Wed-Fri after 5 I believe. It's the only burger in town worth the candle IMO. And you can have a nice cocktail and some bar nibbles to keep her company :-).

            1. re: grayelf

              Great burger but I beg to differ on " the only burger in town worth the candle". Pourhouse's burger is hella good - and also with a killer cocktail (don't like what's on the list, they'll invent something to taste).

              1. re: kinnickinnik

                kinnick, I agree with you so often but I gotta demur, albeit based on only one try of the PH burg. We went specially for it and it just didn't do it for me. Cocktail didn't blow me away either but again, that's a sample of one. Different strokes!

                1. re: grayelf

                  As with all subjective matters, YMMV :-)
                  I've been very pleased with PH's burgs over the half dozen times I've had it.

                  1. re: kinnickinnik

                    I've had ONE burger at Stakchouse it was [Tony the Tiger] Grrrrrrrreeat !

                    As is Burger Moderne, but we're focused on the downtown area in this thread.

          2. re: rico1919

            In regards to food trucks, I forgot to add
            -the smoked salmon sandwich from the Kaboom Box food Granville & Georgia streets.

            As for Ramen & Izakaya, the great places are all clustered around Robson and Denman near Dinesty.

            For Ramen I would go with Santouka's Toroniku ramen and Marutama's basic chicken ramen.

            For Izakaya I think Zakkushi on Denman (technically a yakitori place) would work well for you as a couple. The SO can have the basic beef and chicken grilled meats, while you can order the more adventurous offerings.

            Also Guu with Garlic and Kingyo would be good Izakaya choices.

            If the SO doth protest, you can bribe her with a trip to Soirette which is about 10 - 15 minute walk from the Ramen and Izakaya places. They have great macarons and even have high tea.

        2. Italian options in and around downtown may include:

          Cibo Trattoria
          Bella Gelateria Handcrafted Gelato

          American ....... being "Ahaians" ;-) how would you define the genre/sub-genres that would appeal ?

          1. If you're here on a Sunday afternoon there is the Food Cart Festival near the Olympic Village site from noon -5pm all summer (Sunday's only)


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            1. re: islandgirl

              Wow, what a fantastic list. I'm sure the wife will be thrilled about your additions Lotus rapper. It was a late night at work tonight but I'm going to try to narrow down an itinerary early next week. Seriously, thank you everyone for all of the recommendations. I couldn't be more excited for next weekend. I'll be sure to report back what we hit and how good it all was!