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Jul 15, 2014 06:36 PM

The Most Popular Resturants in Los Angeles 2014

From the LA Times: New poll based on J. Gold's 101 list these are the 10 most visited great restaurants in LA...
1. Border Grill
2. Kogi
3. Langer's Deli
4. Mozza (Pizzeria, Osteria & Chi Spacca)
5. Din Tai Fung
6. Baco Mercant
7. Musso & Frank's Grill
8. Spago
9. Hungry Cat
10. Lucques

What no Gladstone's?

Your thoughts?

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  1. I was at Border Grill in SM last month on a late Friday afternoon & it was COMPLETELY dead.

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    1. Maybe they mean popular with Angelenos? Seems like Gladstone's is popular with tourists and that's about it. Either that or they have been finally knocked off their roost of being king of total covers.....

      1. Just in case you guys really don't know: the list is based off the interactive version of J. Gold's 101 list, where people can check off which restaurants on the list they've been to.

        1. "Most visited." Does this mean that a tour bus stops in front and lets the pax peek inside?