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Miami Spice 2014 Edition

non sequitur Jul 15, 2014 06:33 PM

Here we go again people: spice is around the corner, and here is the usual post to update with your experiences as they happen. The 2-month promotion has already been alluded to in 2014, but to keep it on track I'll include all the links here: beginning with the official site (reinvented again this year, and for the first time under the umbrella of the visitors bureau):

There is a whopping 567 participants this year, and one thing that hasn't changed is the infuriating randomizing restaurant list that shows only 5 participants at a time. So only 100 page changes until you have a complete picture, which is why this thread is an essential boiling down with the help of chowhound expertise.

There is a July 31 kick-off event which includes an iron chef type competition judged by Allen Susser: http://www.miamiandbeaches.com/event/...

Another difference this year: Pubbelly can't wait until August, and i like that! Pictured is the Pubbelly Spice menu, which is being served already (and they've put on a great show in prior years).

Thanks to CFByrne for posting the prior year's wrap-ups:

2013 Thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9091...

2012 Thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8596...

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  1. non sequitur RE: non sequitur Jul 15, 2014 07:07 PM

    Wading through the list, it quickly becomes obvious that something has gone wrong in compiling it. When i started reading through it, i joked to myself "what, are they going to include Denny's" - and they did. Also 3 McDonalds on the list - yikes! So to highlight some notables:

    The Dutch;
    Pubbelly (not sure about Pubbelly Steak, and Sushi);
    Prime 112 & Prime Sushi;
    The Michael Schwartz restaurants;
    the 50 eggs places (swine, yardbird);
    The Bazaar;
    The Fountainbleau restaurants (Scarpetta and Hakassan, but no Gotham);
    Bourbon Steak (a fave serving spice dinner 7 days a week)

    Also some great new places I'm looking forward to trying:
    Michael Mina 74
    AQ by Aqualina (Dewey LoSasso's new place in Sunny Isles).

    Lots of gems, but this year they are "hidden gems" in a field inexplicably including fast food outlets, hot dog joints and scoop shops.

    Most Surprising omission: Blackbrick
    Most Unsurprising omission: Naoe (I've still never been)

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    1. re: non sequitur
      tpigeon RE: non sequitur Jul 15, 2014 08:08 PM

      Blackbrick is already priced for spice. It does not make much sense for them.

      Gotham no longer exists - will become another Mina restaurant soon.

      Pb Steak does spice. Sushi does not.

      1. re: tpigeon
        non sequitur RE: tpigeon Jul 16, 2014 05:55 AM

        Re Blackbrick: you are correct - the current lunch deal for $15 is simply too good a deal already to be included in Spice. And they couldn't add anything to it to make it worth $22 (it's more than enough. Food as it is).

        Didn't realize Gotham Steak was RIP - I loved Gotham as a NYer, but never even checked out the miami outpost because steakhouses saturated the market.

        PB steak I confirmed is in (already - in July too), with a "go fish/go steak" theme (attached)

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      travlnmike RE: non sequitur Jul 16, 2014 04:19 AM

      Can't wait for the usual roasted1/2chicken,churrasco,chilean salmon,and penne pasta choices that alot of restaurants fob off during miami spice.What a shame that what started out as a good idea with restaurants attempting to showcase innovative dishes has degenerated into a fundraiser for tourism bureau who wacks the participating restaurants approx $500 to $1000 each for "advertising".Every year i suggest participating restaurants just give a 20 percent discount on their regular menu so customers can try their regular dishes.For many people a free dessert which is what the spice deal amounts to is no bargain.

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        trail 6 RE: non sequitur Jul 19, 2014 08:11 AM

        Wrap-ups reference doesn't work.

        1. non sequitur RE: non sequitur Jul 20, 2014 06:20 AM

          Trail 6 is right - shouldn't have pasted.

          Here is the 2013 wrap up:

          And the 2012 one:

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