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Jul 15, 2014 06:33 PM

Miami Spice 2014 Edition

Here we go again people: spice is around the corner, and here is the usual post to update with your experiences as they happen. The 2-month promotion has already been alluded to in 2014, but to keep it on track I'll include all the links here: beginning with the official site (reinvented again this year, and for the first time under the umbrella of the visitors bureau):

There is a whopping 567 participants this year, and one thing that hasn't changed is the infuriating randomizing restaurant list that shows only 5 participants at a time. So only 100 page changes until you have a complete picture, which is why this thread is an essential boiling down with the help of chowhound expertise.

There is a July 31 kick-off event which includes an iron chef type competition judged by Allen Susser:

Another difference this year: Pubbelly can't wait until August, and i like that! Pictured is the Pubbelly Spice menu, which is being served already (and they've put on a great show in prior years).

Thanks to CFByrne for posting the prior year's wrap-ups:

2013 Thread:

2012 Thread:

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  1. Wading through the list, it quickly becomes obvious that something has gone wrong in compiling it. When i started reading through it, i joked to myself "what, are they going to include Denny's" - and they did. Also 3 McDonalds on the list - yikes! So to highlight some notables:

    The Dutch;
    Pubbelly (not sure about Pubbelly Steak, and Sushi);
    Prime 112 & Prime Sushi;
    The Michael Schwartz restaurants;
    the 50 eggs places (swine, yardbird);
    The Bazaar;
    The Fountainbleau restaurants (Scarpetta and Hakassan, but no Gotham);
    Bourbon Steak (a fave serving spice dinner 7 days a week)

    Also some great new places I'm looking forward to trying:
    Michael Mina 74
    AQ by Aqualina (Dewey LoSasso's new place in Sunny Isles).

    Lots of gems, but this year they are "hidden gems" in a field inexplicably including fast food outlets, hot dog joints and scoop shops.

    Most Surprising omission: Blackbrick
    Most Unsurprising omission: Naoe (I've still never been)

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    1. re: non sequitur

      Blackbrick is already priced for spice. It does not make much sense for them.

      Gotham no longer exists - will become another Mina restaurant soon.

      Pb Steak does spice. Sushi does not.

      1. re: tpigeon

        Re Blackbrick: you are correct - the current lunch deal for $15 is simply too good a deal already to be included in Spice. And they couldn't add anything to it to make it worth $22 (it's more than enough. Food as it is).

        Didn't realize Gotham Steak was RIP - I loved Gotham as a NYer, but never even checked out the miami outpost because steakhouses saturated the market.

        PB steak I confirmed is in (already - in July too), with a "go fish/go steak" theme (attached)

        1. re: tpigeon

          According to the PB Steak website, their last day is today--8/3...says they are moving to a yet to be determined location. Reason given is rising real estate prices which would have forced them to raise menu prices....bummer, that was my favorite resto in Sunset Harbour.

      2. Can't wait for the usual roasted1/2chicken,churrasco,chilean salmon,and penne pasta choices that alot of restaurants fob off during miami spice.What a shame that what started out as a good idea with restaurants attempting to showcase innovative dishes has degenerated into a fundraiser for tourism bureau who wacks the participating restaurants approx $500 to $1000 each for "advertising".Every year i suggest participating restaurants just give a 20 percent discount on their regular menu so customers can try their regular dishes.For many people a free dessert which is what the spice deal amounts to is no bargain.

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        1. Wrap-ups reference doesn't work.

          1. Trail 6 is right - shouldn't have pasted.

            Here is the 2013 wrap up:

            And the 2012 one:

              1. re: CFByrne

                I think they tried too hard to fit it into a gimmicky "A-Z" format, sacrificing some top picks in the process.

                Miami New Times has had great coverage in past years, and virtually nothing so far this year!

                Made reservations for Bourbon Steak and Oolite this morning.

                1. re: non sequitur

                  I thought the same thing when I saw "Seasons 52" listed...

                  But still, there are some useful tips here. And the article promises more detailed "Best of" lists in the coming days.