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Jul 15, 2014 05:41 PM

Mazia - new Korean proletarian food in North Wales

Opened today. Nice fried salmon roll. Interesting variety of processed fish paste dishes - tasty - in broth or Korean red sauce. Friendly, neat. In the Montgomery Commons Shopping Center, next to Pho.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I was there tonight trying to get a take out menu. None yet but I do want to try this place

    1. Ordered take out today for lunch. Young lady on the phone was unfamiliar with my choices, until I told her where to find them on the menu. The take out menu says they charge $0.25 per order for take out. Also, I asked if they had kimchi (it wasn't on the menu) - she said yes, it comes on the side of entrees, but not for take-out, though she said she would include it in my order.

      Kimchi was blah, I've had better, I didn't eat it. The sweet potato noodles with vegetables and beef were mildly spicy, tasty. A small portion of clear noodles, very little beef, some veggies, and a generous scoop of plain steamed white rice. Came with a plain broth with nothing in it but a few scallion slices, and a small portion of bland pickles. I also ordered black bean noodles. The noodles were clearly homemade, perfectly cooked, and were packaged separately from the black bean sauce, which was a thick, brown, somewhat salty mess with tiny chopped pieces in it. Absolutely no flavor whatsoever, and the pieces, upon further examination, appeared to be assorted vegetables and tiny bits of meat. But everything was a uniform dark brown, and soft. It had all been cooked together for so long that nothing had any taste left, and hardly any texture.

      They did charge the 25 cents for take out, LOL, but did not charge for kimchi. Credit cards accepted.

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        I'm not very familiar with Korean food, but the broth and pickles are served with most of the orders I've gotten in the Assi Plaza food court Korean restaurant

      2. I enjoyed black bean noodles here today. they are doing a grand opening special! i only paid 3.99 for lunch.

        1. Did anyone try spicy seafood noodles here??